Hi Guys,

I just thought it would be fair to share my views on the Binary Matrix Pro as I received requests on it. My honest opinion according to my best knowledge is:  it is a scam.

Here are some red flags to consider:

  1. They require you to use a specific broker from which they of course get a commission.
  2. Their “third party verification” thing at www.binaryverify.com only was recently registered and binary matrix pro seems to be the only company using it. In other words it was set up by binary matrix pro for the sole purpose of legitimizing themselves.
  3. Their “personal representatives” are stock photos and the alleged “Marcus Johnson” is a guy from Fiverrr: http://www.fiverr.com/jpreay/film-a-press-release-or-news-announcement-of-your-product-or-services
I also talked to a few customers who subscribed to this service, they all said that they got much more loosing signals than winners.
I definitely wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. If you are looking for good products, you can look around in GregForex.com, or you can drop me a line and I will recommend you a few if you let me know your preferred timeframe, trading style, etc. Don’t let scammers fool you!