I’m proud to announce our first custom indicators created just for Greg’s VIP Room: the FX Momentum Alert & FX Momentum Scanner.  And because these were created just for us and we know they work and perform, we’re proud to be able offer these with a 120% satisfaction guarantee. ==> http://vip.gregforex.com/product-category/fx-momentum/

One of our most popular requests have always been for indicators that can help one determine best markets to trade, the best time frames to trade and without having to be glued to the screen.  The FX Momentum Alert and Scanner accomplishes all three.  And unlike some currency strength meters you might have seen, these indicators notify you just as the momentum has started, not after the fact.  And they will alert you either by pop up & sound alert, text alert, e-mail alert and/or smart phone notification. ==> http://vip.gregforex.com/product-category/fx-momentum/

FX Momentum Alert:  Regular price: $49.95, Introductory pricing for the first week: $39.95

FX Momentum Scanner:  Regular price: $169.95, Introductory price for the first week: $139.95

Order both 2 in a bundle and pay only $149!

Testimonial from our first betatester: “Thanks for introducing me to the FX Momentum Trend Indicator. It perhaps one of the most accurate indicators that I have seen or used. I would say it is second to none. It has been working quite well for me with great success and patience. “

How to use the FX Momentum Alert and FX Momentum Scanner?

The FX momentum Alert and FX Momentum Scanner will monitor as many currency pairs and time frames as one so desires.

FX Momentum Alert: when strong momentum is indicated on a particular currency pair and time frame, you’ll receive either a pop up alert on your computer, an e-mail alert, text alert or smart phone push notification.  You can receive any or all of the notifications.

Please note:  FX Momentum Alert doesn’t provide trade signals.  It’s indicating strong momentum on a particular currency pair and time frame.  Once you receive an alert, you can go down to the next lower timeframe or two lower timeframes to look for an entry on a pullback via whatever methodology you trade with.

FX Momentum Scanner: Will monitor all the currency pairs and time frames you select.  You can glance at the scanner anytime you wish and see which currency pairs and which time frames are currently experiencing strong momentum.  See screenshot below.

FX  Momentum Scanner

Both the FX Momentum Alert and FX Momentum Scanner will identify those currency pairs and time frames that are experiencing strong momentum now, not after a long move has already transpired.   You can then go to the next one or two lower time frames to identify a pullback to enter in that direction. ==> http://vip.gregforex.com/product-category/fx-momentum/

The content of the packages:

FX Momentum Alert:

  • FX Momentum Alert indicator.
  • Video with instructions on setting up text alerts.
  • Smart phone notifications and e-mail alerts.
  • Instructional e-mail.
  • E-mail support for questions.

FX Momentum Scanner:

  • FX Momentum Scanner Indicator.
  • Instructional e-mail.
  • E-mail support for questions.

 120% Satisfaction Guarantee:  Try out either FX Momentum alert and/or the FX Momentum Scanner for 30 days.  If you don’t feel this will help your trading and make your life easier, just let me know and you’ll receive a full credit in the VIP shop and an extra 20% bonus just for trying it.  ==> http://vip.gregforex.com/product-category/fx-momentum/