Forex Flex EA Version 4.65

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Original Price : $999.99
You will get:
Expert: Forex-Flex-EA-4.65.ex4 (Latest Version) Unlocked
Indicator: FlexNewsIndicator.ex4 (NEW)
-Settings Guide Version 4.5+ and Change Note.
-Strategies And BEST Currency Pairs.

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-Added IndicatorDataReset=false; //Reset virtual data if indicators aren’t ready and accuracy is above 100%. This was turned on by default in 4.64 which reduced trading frequency quite a bit for strategies that use both virtual trades and some indicators.
-Adjusted the default multipliers for the ADRDynamic strategy instead of them all just being 0.3

– Added PauseAfterProfit which if turned on will pause trading on that pair for ‘x’ number of hours from when the trades in profit closed
– Added some external multipliers for the ADRDynamic strategy to allow you to configure how it calculates the settings for this strategy instead of static internal multipliers.
– Added CloseBasketAfterXmins which will close all trades for that pair after ‘x’ number of minutes that it has been opened.
– Virtual Data is now reset if it gets over 100% but the indicator filters you have turned on are not met.
– Increased pause while trades are being closed to prevent anymore from being opened during this time.
– Fixed an issue where the Friday close wasn’t pausing long enough to make it to the weekend allowing the possibility of more Friday trades to slip through.
-v0.7 FlexNewsIndicator fixes the cannot set timer bug

– Fixed DD_Pause not working under certain situations
– Fixed an issue with really high TPs being modified into trades on strategies using a RealTakeStopLoss

– Fixed EquityTrail not closing trades sometimes when it should be, also improved how its displayed to show the current EquitySL, EquityTP and current profit
– Added ResetVirtualDataAfterNews option which does exactly what it sounds like it does
– Minor adjustments to FlexNewsIndicator

– Fixed NewsFilter recent news bug that could potentially allow it to still trade if there are multiple recent news
– Fixed an issue with slippage
– Fixed issue with virtual data being reset even though price didn’t move RestartSlippage amount
– Fixed virtual trade algorithm that was causing it to sometimes enter trades earlier and or more often than it would have in versions 4.53 and older

– Improved EquityTrail profit increasing potential
– Added TradeSR which will trigger a buy if price is within PipsAwayFromSR of the resistance or a sell at the support
– TDISlopeBars allows you to enter how many bars the slope should be determined over
– WaitForRSIExit makes it so if price go above 70, it will wait for it to come back below 70 before selling, and vice versa for buying below 30
– TrendPipStep a separate PipStep for trend mode
– Drastically improved performance (cpu/memory usage)
– Fixed 0.01 lot size bug
– Rearranged a lot of the settings to better organize/group them together
– Change how TDI, TDI Cross and TDI Slope are used. They will now buy when tdi slope is moving up, tdi crossess up, etc instead of requiring ReverseMode to be on like in previous versions.

– Fixed EquityTrail having trouble closing trades in profit if DD_TP_Mode was set to allCharts
– Fixed issue with Shotgun strategy where ADR filter could potentially reset an internal trade count which would result in more than the defined MaxBuy/Sell trades being opened
– Added ShowButtons toggle to hide the On/Close/Close All buttons

– Added GUI buttons on chart which can be dragged to any location you want.
-Clicking the ON/OFF button will turn Flex off on that chart only, but if that chart has open charts it will continue to manage them even if you set this off.
-Clicking CLOSE will bring up a similar box asking to confirm you want to close all open orders for that pair only.
-Clicking the CLOSE ALL button will bring up the following popup box asking to confirm you want to close ALL Flex open trades with that magic number.
– Added FullBasketEquityTrail, when turned on it will allow Flex to start an EquityTrail at a defined loss pct (WhenToStart_FBET) for a full basket (reached max trades). This can be useful if you want to try to get out of a full basket as quickly as possible even if it means at a loss. It will only kick in if you have a max trade basket, and it’s DD comes back above the (WhenToStart_FBET) value.
– Added a failover authentication check from a 2nd server if the first ( fails if it’s down or unreachable for whatever reason.
– Improved NewsFilter function to prevent error 5004
– Lots of little cosmetic fixes

– Fixed Flex from possibly not trading at all if it can’t find any news

– Now using a different news indicator, if the old one wasn’t working properly for you, try this version of Flex with this new FlexNewsIndicator

– Fixed Trading sessions (london, new york, asian, etc) getting mixed up with different broker GMTs
– Fixed CloseTradesBeforeMarketClose opening and closing trades after this is triggered if there is still a trade signal late on Fridays
– Few other minor tweaks to try to help improve trading frequency
– Stopped Flex from spamming experts log with messages about news

– Fixed an issue with the newsfilter halting trading after news longer than it should have

-Fixed an issue with Hedging where if the basket closed but the Hedge didn’t, another Hedge could be opened against that Hedge trade.

1. Added a pipstep for the Hedge trade to choose when to place it instead of immediately after the last trade in a basket.
2. Fixed OffSetHours not updating visually on chart news
3. Separated PipStepMultiplier from lot sizing and creating a new LotStepMultiplier for more control
4. Fixed FFCal sometimes spamming too many alerts
5. Made the Stochastic periods adjustable
6. Added a CloseBasketOnFriday and an Hour to select which hour on Friday to close them
7. Fixed NewsFilter not working all the time
8. Added a DynamicAdditional setting which will require any indicator filters used for entries to be used for additional trades in a basket.
9. Added a WaitForNext bar setting that will wait for the current bar to close before entering a trade if one is ready to open.
10. Added a CheckCandleSize to only trade if one of the previous 3 candles is large than ‘x’ number of pips.
11. Fixed DDPause not working sometimes

-Fixed ADRDynamic strategy where FloatingTP_PCT, DD StoplossPCT and EquityTrail may not have triggered
-Fixed FullGrid losing control of multiplied lot sizes
-Fixed an issue where trades could be opened if Flex is taking too long to close other trades from EquityTrail or Floating TP PCT
-Changed the way TrendHybrid and TrendMode work together so no more than 1 trade can be placed on a single grid step point
-Fixed an issue with the FFCal news indicator not working under certain conditions

-Added new RecoveryMode
-Added some extra options for hedging like HedgeTP/SL and option to HedgeOnce or keep hedging if the hedge hits its TP
-Adjusted EquityTrailSL so if you enter a value greater than 0.0 it will use that SL instead of auto calculating one based on your EquityTrailTP and EquityStep.
-Added an OffSetHour for the news filter incase your news is a few hours ahead or behind.
-Fixed DDPause not working properly under certain situations
-Fixed EquityTrail to work with DD_TP_Mode of allCharts
-Adjusted FullGrid strategy so it always opens a buy and sell to start
-Fixed FFCal.ex4 news indicator to stop it spamming error 5004 even though it wasn’t affecting trading in anyway.