Your Money and Your Brain by Jason Zweig




Product Description

Become a smarter, more successful investor the neuroscience way. “Your Money and Your Brain” explores the neuroscience of financial decision-making: what goes on in your brain when you think about money. Other books describe the mistakes investors make, Jason Zweig explains why smart people can make be stupid about money – and how they can do better. Combining the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, economics and animal behaviour “Your Money and Your Brain” gets down to the biological foundations of how we make decisions – and explains it all in a clear, entertaining manner. It brings up radical insights into how our minds estimate risk and anticipate gains, why investors tend to be overconfident and what makes the investing brain a battlefield between reason and emotion. Jason Zweig creates a guide for avoiding all those common mistakes that plague investors. Each chapter highlights simple, practical steps that all investors can easily follow. “Your Money and Your Brain” offers original insights into getting better results for beginner and experienced investors alike.