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Acrobat FX V2

Acrobat FX V2 – specifically designed for new traders. It is great for Forex beginners because it can work with small accounts and lot sizes starting as low as $1000. You can start trading with micro lots such as 0.01 and grow up your account.
● The right SETTING is the main factor to determine whether your EA make profit or lose. 
 We provide you all the set files and EA to make sure your EA is PROFITABLE!!


Product Description

  • Advisor with a Yield of 800% per month

    • No more market analysis trading robot will do everything for you.
    • The work process of the trading advisor ACROBAT FX [maximum] video below. Currency pair EURUSD, timeframe M5.
    • The adviser works at moderate settings.
    • 880% per month from the current deposit
  • If you look at any price chart (regardless of market or timeframe), you will see two things.
  • Firstly, the market price never lingers at the same level for a long time.
  • After a while you will see that he has changed a lot.
  • As the level of monitoring, you can use any price on the chart.
  • However, some prices, as such, are more effective than others.
  • We will return to this topic below.
  • Secondly, on any chart there is a price at which the market trend is changing.
  • Price can relate to a certain level several times and return almost immediately.
  • These are support and resistance levels familiar to any trader. Support is the level below which the price falls.
  • Resistance is the price level above which it does not rise.


  • These levels are also known as peaks and troughs (peaks and bottoms).
  • The probability of a trend reversal when they touch the price is especially high, which makes them ideal candidates for the role of reference levels.
  • A level approximately halfway between support and resistance can also be used as a checklist.
  • Let’s call it midpoints.

Examples of building strong levels using the automatic trading advisor
ACROBAT FX [maximum] on different timeframes



What is the secret of overclocking a small deposit on forex with the help of our adviser?
A trading robot adviser that determines strong levels is what you need!

The trading robot ACROBAT FX [maximum] indicates on the chart the place of concentration of large cash capital, thereby making it possible to open deals in the direction of movement of the main players, namely market makers!

  • You still don’t know what market makers are doing? creators of the Forex market.
  • Indeed, the meaning of trading, not knowing the rules of the main market players, is practically reduced to zero …
  • Riskless overclocking of deposits with ACROBAT FX [maximum] is a win-win trading strategy based on strong levels from which the price bounces, so that the risks are reduced to almost zero and you can disperse the deposit even in a week or a couple of days!
  • The robot highlights important strong price levels on the chart, these are the levels at which major players and market makers sit, because it is they who move the price, not counting of course the banks themselves.
  • All that a trading adviser needs is to follow these movements, where huge turns of funds take place.
  • Just enter a trade on U-turns or on corrections.

ACROBAT FX Trading Advisor is …

  • 100% automation
  • Fully automated trading system, which has no equal in reliability and simplicity.
  • A clear algorithm for determining the movement of prices, which gives a failure only 2 times out of 10.
  • A unique advisor for overclocking a small deposit on forex! Even if you have ten dollars in your pocket.



  • Automated Forex Trading System For MetaTrader 4
  • Setup Instructions | Quick & Easy 5 Minute Setup | Set & Forget
  • Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts
  • No Trading Experience Required
  • US Brokers | Non-US Brokers
  • No Trading Account Limitations
  • No Minimum Leverage Required


Product details:

  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Language: Russian
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Purchase includes: Expert | Setfile
  • Trading Accounts: Unlimited
  • License: Unlimited
  • Delivery: Instant delivery Email