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Content: Expert: ADAM for FTMO 4.ex4 v5.25 (Unlocked), NO MANUAL.




Our 1st EA created using ChatGPT technology

  • Trade only GOOD and checked PROP FIRMS
  • Default parameters for Challenge $100,000
  • Tested on EURUSD and GBPUSD only. 
  • Use 15MIN Time Frame
  • Close all deals and Auto-trading before Weekend at 12:00 GMT+3 Friday.


What happens when the cutting-edge AI technology, ChatGPT merges with our 17 years of experience in Global Trading, Brokers Tools Development, and Prop-Traders algo trading?

I’m excited to share with you our experience with the latest technology and how we used it to create a powerful system to pass the FTMO challenge and create an algo trading System for Brokers and Prop Firms.

We brainstormed ideas and debated which strategy to use, which indicators to rely on, and which tricks would be most effective for the FTMO challenge.

After hours of discussion with AI, we received hundreds of lines of code that were 100% compiled in MQL. This was lightning-fast.

One of the most crucial steps in creating a trading bot is incorporating risk management tools. In this section, we took a look at some of the professional methods and integrated them all into one Trading Bot and special Protector Tool


For Challenge, please Change EA-NAME and Magic!!!

For 25K Account use Max_LOT = 0.25-0.75

For 50K Account use Max_LOT = 0.5-1.5

For 100K Account use Max_LOT = 1-3

For 200K Account use Max_LOT = 2-6

For 300K Account use Max_LOT = 3-9


RISK disclaimer
We do not guarantee any profits from trading.

Our focus is on creating quality products to help you pass Prop trading challenges to the best of our abilities.

Our Steps to Create a Trading Bot for FTMO Success:

  1. Brainstorming ideas, indicators, strategies, and techniques.
  2. Selecting a concept and coding an EA (Expert Advisor) accordingly.
  3. Thoroughly testing and fixing any bugs or issues.
  4. Optimizing the EA to achieve positive results over a few months.
  5. If initial results are not promising in terms of profit/risk ratio, repeat steps 1-4 until finding a promising approach.
  6. Adding risk management features, other functionalities, and manual rules, followed by thorough testing on a demo account.
  7. Refining and correcting all ideas, eliminating unnecessary components, and conducting further optimization.
  8. Proving the concept on a demo account to verify its effectiveness.
  9. Moving on to real trading and refining manual rules, such as closing positions during risky days, times, or news events.

Although it may seem riskier to start the real challenge at Step 7, I, along with a few others, have already taken the leap. The interesting part is that steps 1-5 can sometimes take weeks with numerous EAs discarded as failures, yielding zero positive results even in the test lab. However, the first cycle of tests was simply amazing! It’s important to note that while back-testing provides indications, it cannot guarantee future results in trading. My goal is to continue brainstorming for more good ideas, sharing my experiences and products with you all. Some traders have even provided positive feedback on using the AI Broker version.

Good luck!