Advanced Fibonacci Trading by Neal Hughes




Advanced Fibonacci Trading by Neal Hughes

Take your trading to the next level. Using advanced Fibonacci analysis, Neal Hughes demonstrates how to determine those higher probability trades that can dramatically increase your profits.
Learn how to determine the stronger support/resistance levels and market turning points. And learn how to do all of this in advance of market action with pinpoint accuracy!
With his gift for keeping it simple, Neal Hughes explains advanced Fibonacci trading in a no-nonsense, straight-forward manner that allows the trader to utilize this amazingly powerful tool to maximize gains and control risk.

What you will learn:
How to determine the stronger support/resistance levels.
How to determine entry and exit levels for maximum potential.
Where the high probability trades are.
How to apply to all time frames and all markets.
How to stack the odds in your favor.
Which Fibonacci levels are more likely to turn the market.
From intra-day to longer-term trading.
Includes 11 video segments.
Sample charts, fully explained
Exercises to reinforce your knowledge
Total video running time 103 minutes (1 hour 43 minutes)