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Advisor AIDA trades on the principle of the reversal of the order. This means that the adviser is still much the price will go up or down, the adviser can not trade based on indicators, it makes the first entry in the direction of the signal and if the input does not match the movement of prices, the adviser opens opposite order, and thereby catching minor fluctuations the price in the top or bottom closes all open orders on the pledged income, then advisor to immediately put up a new order, and so constantly.

We can say that the adviser AIDA slides the price trend and the longer the adviser earns more, but sideways as well adviser earns thanks to the timely reversal of its position in the direction of price movement. Advisor AIDA arranged as a designer, he uses three indicators to enter, three options for calculating the lot as well as Advisor can trade on the news using breakout candle.

On the day of the adviser earns about 15-25%, and this is not the limit.

Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance minimum $100
Initial Lot: $0.01
Time frame: 1 minute

Advisor is convenient for those who have returned the spread, the spread on the return of the adviser can earn an additional 3% to 12%. If you are not registered on the program of the return spread, join

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