ATS Advisor v1.89 – MT5





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Content: Experts: ATS Advisor MT5 1.89.ex5 (Unlocked)DLL: msimg32.dll, NO MANUAL.

ATS Advisor v 1.89 – MT5

Fully automatic adviser, with a system for recovering from losses.

The strategy is based on the breakdown of significant levels, with automatic calculation of Stop Loss (200-400 points (5 digits)).
The EA has been tested from 2010 to the present day in various market conditions/periods .

  • Always use stop loss
  • Not used martingale / grid/ hedging, etc. (the recovery function uses a 1-time lot increase)
  • Complies with FIFO rules

For testing, you need a history of 100 bars The recommended pair is EURUSD. Timeframe M30.
Monitoring of real trading Advisor –


Recommendations for Risk values:

  • Risk = 3-5 – Low risk;
  • Risk = 7-10-Average risk;
  • Risk = 15-25 – High risk;

Recommended-ECN / STP Broker with a minimum StopLoss level of 0-1 pips/spread of 0-5 pips (5 characters) /VPS server.

Trading leverage is 1: 100 or higher (you can use a smaller leverage but with a lower Risk value)



  • Show EA Comment – show EA comments;
  • Magic Number – transaction ID;
  • EA Comment – comment to trades.
  • Lots (or “Lots”>0 and “Risk”==0 or “Lots”==0 and “Risk”>0)
  • Risk (or “Lots”>0 and “Risk”==0 or “Lots”==0 and “Risk”>0)
  • Use percent of balance – use a percentage of the balance to calculate the auto lot;
  • Take Profit (in pips) –  take-profit;
  • AutoSL – automatic calculation of SL;
  • Stop Loss (in pips) – stop-loss;
  • Max Spread (in pips) – maximum spread control;
  • Buy Pending Shift (in pips) – shift to place a buy order;
  • Sell Pending Shift (in pips) – shift to place a sell order;
  • Winter GMT Offset – server winter time zone;
  • Trade at friday (On/Off) -enabling and disabling trading on Friday;
  • Auto Min Profit(On/Off)-  automatic calculation of the minimum profit for a trailing stop;
  • Minimal Profit for TrailingStop (in pips) – number of pips required to start a trailing stop;
  • Trailing Stop (in pips) – the size of the trailing stop;
  • Trailing Step (in pips) – the step of the trailing stop;
  • Recovery mode (On/Off) – drawdown recovery function (on/off);
  • Multiple start recovery (trailing)– coefficient for trailing/no loss for recovery function;
  • Multiple lot for recovery mode – lot calculation factor for recovery function;
  • Number of recovery trades – the number of transactions (trades) in the recovery mod;
  • Activate Recovery Force –  forced activation of recovery mode.
  • Split Pending Orders (use only if need (test before)) – Enable splitting a position into several orders (I didn’t test it on a real account, you need to check it!) By default, the function is not needed, only if desired and necessary!;
  • Split to “X” orders – split  position into ” X ” orders;

ATS Advisor MT5

Note:  Products using the custom DLL “msimg32.dll”, most antivirus’s may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”  as it is a false alarm and its SAFE.  This false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL. and not verified to any publisher but needed to make this product unlocked.