Attacking Currency Trends




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Content: eBook: Attacking Currency Trends by GregMichalowski.pdf – (303pgs).


To thrive in the marketplace, traders must anticipate, enter, and stay with trends in the foreign exchange market.
In this much-needed guide, top retail currency expert, Greg Michalowski, takes the trader on a logical step-by-step progression for currency trading. The progression starts by building the foundation for trading. A clear mission statement is outlined and explained. It then moves to the trader’s game plan and discusses attributes of successful forex traders. Rules that need to be followed lead the reader to the technical tools that Michalowski uses to anticipate and attack the currency trends.

The book includes many examples and introduces proprietary phrases such as “Three’s a Crowd”, “The If…Should Rule” and “Trading between the Goal Posts” that make learning easier.
Trading currencies is not easy but it does not have to be complicated either. If you are new or old to forex trading, Attacking Currency Trends will help you build your trading foundation and grow your forex trading business in a logical way.