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Content: Indicator: Beast Super Signal v3.6 .ex4, (Unlocked), DLL: msimg32.dll, UserGuide: Beast Super Signal.docx instructions.

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Parameters & Description

  • Bars to Calculate – Select how many bars back you want the indicator to calculate.
  • Overbought Entry Zone – Select the Overbought level.
  • Oversold Entry Zone – Select the Oversold level.
  • Signal Strength Period – Set the strength period. The higher the strength period the less signals you will have but with increased accuracy.
  • Show Take Profit Levels – Select to show which Take Profit levels you want to display on the chart.
  • Stop Loss Level Color – Select to change the color of the Stop Loss line on the chart.
  • Take Profit Levels Color – Select to change the color of the Take Profit lines on the chart.
  • Entry Level Color – Select to change the color of the Entry line on the chart.
  • Use Pop Up Alert – Select to enable Pop Up alerts.
  • Use Push Alert – Select to enable Push alerts.
  • Use Mail Alert – Select to enable Email alerts.
  • Show Trade Panel – Select to show the Trade Panel or hide it.
  • Trade Panel Background Color – Select which color you want for the background.
  • Trade Panel Text Color – Select which color you want for the text.
  • Trade Panel X Axis – Select the X Axis.
  • Trade Panel Y Axis – Select the Y Axis.
  • Trade Panel Width – Select the width of the panel.
  • Trade Panel Height – Select the height of the panel.
  • Font Type – Select the font type.
  • Font Size – Select the font size.
  • Note:  Products using the custom DLL “msimg32.dll”, most antivirus’s may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”  as it is a false alarm and its SAFE.  This false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL. and not verified to any publisher but needed to make this product unlocked.