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Is there something different and fun to trade? Are there any good brokers out there? Is there a system that is not boring?

Thursday, May 9th 2019

 Hey Guys, greetings and the answers to the above are : yes, yes and yes! Happy days are here again for you Binary Options Traders!

My new 2 minute binary options scalper is simple to trade with the custom indicators that I created yet – IT IS DEADLY! (In a good way like win,win, win) I’m Stateside so I have been looking for a good Binary Broker to trade with. Nadex just doesn’t cut it for me yet. I believe that I have found one better than good, like great! More about that further on. And lastly, this new exciting system is anything but boring! Not as nerve racking and maybe frustrating for some as a 30 second or 60 second trading system, but for you energetic guys and gals, it’s not as slow as trading a 5 minute system either. The secret is trading this 2 minute expiry software on an M2, 2 minute candle chart. Okey Dokey, time for some example pics, here goes……….

EUR/USD 2m Trades Over a Month Ago

EUR/USD 2 Minute Trades

Like Ricky Ricardo would have said ” Ed you have some “splainin” to do” Okay so,9 easy winners in 2 hours. I will explain the first 2 (safe trades) First off we do have arrows with audio/text box alerts. They are there for one reason, to alert you to a possible trade that could be generated shortly if you are doing other things on your computer while trading. They do not generate trades, we can even trade without them. I usually do because with a 2 minute system, I am prepared to sit and trade my charts for an hour or two without other distractions ( you should be also) Why “safe” trades Ed? Because you will have an 80% or better win ratio. To put that into perspective, 10 trades on the eur/usd at $100. per trade with an 80% win ratio looks like this. 8 trades won for almost $700. – 2 lost for $200. means $500. profit for 2 hours or less of trading. That works out to about $2500. per week or $10,000. per month. Not too shabby, right?

That said, the first trade on the left, we did get an alert on the red candle for a call trade which actually generated 4 minutes later. The next candle was blue, the scalper trend line turned blue and crossed over the yellow COMA line. The next candle opened blue with about a 1/2 inch between the yellow and blue lines, so we jumped in for a win.

Now the 2nd trade from the left was the opposite, a put trade. Again, we did get an alert on the blue candle 6 minutes before the generated trade. The scalper trend turned to red on the next candle, then crossed the yellow on the next. Then we jumped in on the next candle which was red and had close to a 1/2 inch separation between the 2 lines. I would have jumped in then but if you wanted to be super safe you could have waited for the next candle that had a good 1/2 inch separation and still won your trade.

We are all a little different from the amount of funds we have available to trade to our own personal risk tolerance, etc. but one thing I would like to stress is, WE ARE NOT TRADING THE ALERT ARROWS. The reason I usually trade without them is because some good trades will be generated without a current alert arrow and the last arrow might even have been opposite what the generated trade was but still a good trade. Now some of you that have some of my other systems like the 5 minute mechanical  might say “Ed we trade arrows that are confirmed in that system” and you would be right but believe me, they are not the same arrows, they are a completely different indicator. That’s it, how about another pic of a different pair? Thought you would never ask. (heh,heh)

GBP/USD Trades During The Foggy London Session


The prior pic depicts Euro/USD trades during early New York session. This one depicts the GBP/USD during the early London session. Again 10 winning trades in about 2 hours time. Some might say one could have entered a couple of them a candle earlier and made 2 trades one after another. Very possible, remember we all trade a little differently and I am trying to show the safest with the least losses. I still claim 80% or better wins though because ther could be times when we enter a little late or something like that which could cause a loss. But hey, if everything goes well – 10 winners above would translate to $800. profit making $100. trades. Where else can you possibly make that kind of money having fun? Get my drift?

Two minutes is all it takes, guys. Best thing since sliced bread! If you can avail yourself to trade the first hour or two of any or all the three main market sessions, you can’t help but succeed. Another thing that is great is that you’re never tied down. You can trade this baby anywhere you have an internet connection with a laptop. Can’t beat that with a stick! Let me go over what you’ll get from me for the measly price that you will pay.


  • The complete Binary Options 2 Minute System that includes : 2 Template Files : 5 Custom Indicators : Complete User Guide with setup and trading instructions : A Video Explaining The Setup : And a Video Explaining How to Trade the System.
  • Plus what I always describe as priceless : My Unlimited Personal Email Support : I try to always answer support emails the same day and usually within a couple of hours.

Okay let’s change the pace a little. So here are two “Trading in Action” videos of yours truly trading the 2 Minute Scalper.

First Off A Euro – Dollar Trade

And This is Going To Be A Looney Dollar Trade

Well, you have to admit that this system is pretty darn easy to trade, right? Please forgive the small mistakes I make as I’m not a very good video creating guy. What you see is what you get, don’t even know how to edit them. Most of you would appreciate that because a whole lot of video editing goes on with the internet so it’s hard to determine if what you are looking at is real. I am still getting used to this broker platform as it is a little different from most of them that I have had experience with. I strongly advise using your demo to practice with any new system until you feel comfortable trading it.

Speaking of binary brokers, the one I am trading with and that you will also get access to when you purchase the system has been vetted by me as much as possible. They are fairly new (15 months in business) but offer excellent support and service. When you sign up for free, you receive a free demo account, a live account with $10.00 real in it and a funded with play money contest account. If your into that, contests are weekly with cash prizes awarded into your live trading account, all usable to trade or withdraw at your discretion. And that last two things that are biggies, they accept US traders and have many funding and withdraw options, including PP and Crypto currencies. So what the heck are you waiting for? Just click on the big button below to steal another system from me with soooo many benefits. Ciao, Trader Ed.


“Refund Policy:  There are no refunds due to this being a digital product.  If you cannot accept this policy,
do not purchase my product.  By purchasing my products you are accepting my refund policy.”

Are you still undecided? OK, Two more trading charts and another trading in action video, how’s that? Yes, pics and vids are still worth a 1000 words!

EUR/USD – New York Open

EUR/USD Trading Chart

Notice how I wait for that nice little space between the 2m trend line and the coma line to place my trade. It can be tough to control the urge to jump in on a good candle with slight space between the lines. At times, like in one of the videos, I give in to that urge and it worked out as it often does. But try to wait it out if you can and you will have a better win ratio at the end of your trading session. And curb the emotion to over trade. Set a profit goal for your session and stick with it. If you haven’t got my ebook “The Simple Art of Trading” send me an email requesting it and I will send it to you.

USD/CAD – Mid Tokyo Session


Another EUR/USD Trading in Action Video

What can I say, what can I do? The ball is in your court guys. Jump on it, you won’t be sorry. Another big orange button below this. Happy Trading.

God Bless, Good Luck, Cheers, Arrivaderci, Au Revoire, Adios, Dios te Bendiga and Ciao

“Refund Policy:  There are no refunds due to this being a digital product.  If you cannot accept this policy,
do not purchase my product.  By purchasing my products you are accepting my refund policy.”