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MT4 Build 1350.

BlueDreams EA v8.4BlueDreams

BlueDreams is a grid expert that will scalp specific highs and lows in price.

The advisor views the market in depth using a mixture of price information and custom indicators analysing from multiple timeframes to determine calculated entry points.

It operates a dynamic grid function able to change its pipstep distance depending on past and current market dynamics.


Key Features

  • Aiming to capture highs to sell in a confirmed downtrend and lows to buy in a confirmed uptrend.
  • EA will only take orders in the direction of the higher timeframe (Trend_TimeFrame) defined by the user. – Higher timeframe trend is displayed in the top left of the trade panel.
  • Uses a dynamic grid that can be turned on or off to create a single trade expert.
  • Multiple ways to manage and close out trades.
  • Wide Spread & Slippage protection.
  • Equity alerts and limits – EA is able to cut trades at a desired input equity drawdown amount and stop trading.
  • Optional News filter.
  • Optional Day/Time Limit.
  • Optional Dynamic pipstep methods.
  • Optional Drawdown reduction function.


  •  Timeframe : 5M – Using my set file.
  •  Account : A reliable ECN broker will provide the best performance using a minimum of 1:300 leverage and $1500 per pair.
  • I recommend to set the news filter to true in live market to filter out hard/NFP news events.

Input Definitions

  • Magic Number – Number the EA uses to associate trades with itself.
  • Order Comment – The displayed text on each trade taken by the expert.
  • Use Grid – When true the EA will place grid orders.
  • Trend Timeframe – Timeframe the EA views for direction information.
  • Dynamic Step Timeframe – The timeframe the EA uses to dynamically space orders.
  • PipStep Method – Mode for the EA to space orders.
  • ATR Period – Period for the ATR indicator.
  • BB Period – Period for the Bollinger Band indicator.
  • IF_Fixed Pipstep – The amount of pips to space orders by when using a fixed pipstep method.
        Alerts & Limits
  • Max Spread – Max spread allowed to place a trade.
  • Max Slippage – Max slippage allowed.
  • Max Lot Size Allowed
  • Max Buy & Sell Trades Allowed.
  • Close Trades If Equity Drops Below – Close all open trades and stop trading if Account Equity drops below the number in the input.
  • Use Time Limit 
  • Start Hour – If Use_Time_Limit is true, the EA will look for trades from this hour.
  • Stop Hour – If Use_Time_Limit is true, the EA will stop looking for trades at this hour.
  • Trade Friday 
  • Trade Monday


  • Base LotSize – The first trade placed.
  • Multiplier – Amount to multiply the previous trade by.
  • Auto Money Management – When true the EA will automatically adjust the lot size.
  • MM (1=0.01Lots/$1000) – 1 in the input is equal to 0.01 per $1000.
  • Stop Loss – In pips.
  • Take Profit – In pips.

      Close Options

  • Use Trail Take Profit
  • Use Trailing Stop
  • Trail Start From
  • Move Trail Stop To
  • Trail Step

     Auto Close In Profit

  • AutoClose In Profit – When true, the expert will automatically close out trades when the input amount is reached.
  • After How Many Trades – After how many trades does the function take effect.
  • AutoClose Mode – How the expert auto closes its profit , either a total pips or profit (money) amount.
  • IF_Profit – If profit is selected in the input above, how much profit will the expert look for to exit grids/trades.
  • IF_Pips –  If pips is selected in the input above, how many pips will the expert look for to exit grids/trades.

     Drawdown Reduction

  • Use DD Reduction – Set to true will turn on drawdown reduction and use the method in the input below.
  • Reduce Method – BE first and last will look to breakeven on the first placed and latest placed trade in a formed grid, to free up margin and keep the overall grid smaller.
  • BE First & Last After – Once the number in this input is reached the EA will begin the function.

     Chart Properties 

  • Modify Chart Properties – On start the expert will set up the current chart with the settings below.
  • Background
  • Foreground
  • Bull Candle
  • Bear Candle
  • Draw Line – The expert will draw a line at the breakeven point for trades.
  • BE Line – Color for the BE line.
  • Show On Chart Panel – Displays account/EA information on chart.
  • On Chart Text – Color for the on chart text.
  • BlueDreams

Note:  Products using the custom DLL “msimg32.dll”, most antivirus’s may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”  as it is a false alarm and its SAFE.  This false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL. and not verified to any publisher but needed to make this product unlocked.