Double Divergence Scanner v2.6





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Content: Indicator: Double divergence scanner.ex4 (Unlocked)DLL: msimg32.dll, NO MANUAL.

Build 1330.

Double Divergence Scanner v2.6

This multi indicator/oscillator, multi time frame and multi symbol indicator identifies when a divergence occurs between price and one, two or three indicators/oscillators. It identifies both regular/classical (trend reversal) and hidden (trend continuation) divergences. It has RSI and MA trend filter options which makes it possible to filter out only the strongest setups.

Combined with your own rules and techniques, this indicator will allow you to create (or enhance) your own powerful system. It can be used in 3 ways:

  1. Set both main and second/third indicator/oscillator and leave the default value ‘current’ as Second timeframe. By doing this you will get alerts only when there is a double divergence on each timeframe which you have selected.
  2. Set both main and second/third indicator/oscillator and set the time frame for second/third divergence to for instance H4, or set ‘One time frame higher’ to True. By doing this you will only get alerts when there is a second/third divergence also on the H4 time frame or on one time frame higher than the main divergence.
  3. Set only main indicator/oscillator. By doing this you will get alerts when there is a divergence on the selected indicator/oscillator.



  • Can detect divergences for the following oscillators/indicators: MACD, Stochastics, OsMA, RSI, CCI, Awesome, ADX, ATR, OBV, MFI, Momentum and Composite Index.
  • Can monitor all symbols visible in your Market Watch window at the same time. Apply the indicator to just one chart and instantly monitor the entire market.
  • Monitors every timeframe, from M1 to MN, and sends you a real-time alert when a divergence has been identified.
  • The indicator includes an interactive panel. Please see separate screenshot for explanation.

It is enough to place the indicator on one chart and you will receive an alert from any symbol and any time frame of your choice.


Please note that due to the multi time frame functionality, this indicator will not draw lines and arrows or sell and buy advice on the chart where the indicator has been installed. For this purpose you need to create a chart template with my free divergence indicator.

It is highly advisable to put the indicator on a clean chart without any other indicators or Expert Advisors on it.

Note:  Products using the custom DLL “msimg32.dll”, most antivirus’s may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”  as it is a false alarm and its SAFE.  This false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL. and not verified to any publisher but needed to make this product unlocked.

If you already have above MT4 build 1330, you can downgrade and stop the auto update using the steps below in this download:    Download and install MT4 Build 1330:  MT4 Build 1330 Download