DynoBars Pro (NT8)




Original website:

Original Price: $1,497.00 (First Year, then $997.00 a year thereafter)

Your price: $22.00 (Onetime Fee – Unlimited Ninja Trader 8 Accounts) 99.9% OFF Retail!

Content: Indicators: DynoBarsPro.cs, DynoBarsPro.dll, NT8_TBars.dll, NT8_AutomatedTrendlines_v2.dll (Unlocked)User Guides: DynoBarsInstructions.rtf, DynoBarsTraining_Instructions.rtf, AutomatedTrendLines_For_TBars_Instructions.rtf.

NOTE: This product is for Ninja Trader build Only.  This product will not work on MT4.





EXCITING NEWS: Now I have the HIGHLY requested DYNOBARS PRO with TBARS, auto-trendlines & NEW EASY TO INSTALL guides.

Dynobars run on NinjaTrader8. If you are unfamiliar with NT8, no worries, my friend even created an easy-to-use step-by-step guide that will help you with the installation even if you are a complete newbie. You can only get this at GREGFOREX. And of course, you can keep trading on MT4 even if you do your charting on NT8.

The Dynobars Pro is a highly respected professional trading product. The original price is $1,497 + $997/year, however at GREGFOREX you can get the complete PRO bundle with the TBars, auto-trendlines, original manuals + my friend’s easy to install step by step guide for a one-time $22.