EA Black Dragon v9.0





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Content: Expert: EA Black Dragon 9.0.ex4 (Unlocked), Presets: 12, DLL: msimg32.dll, NO MANUAL.

MT4 Build 1344 – 1353+.

EA Black Dragon v9.0

EA Black Dragon runs on the Black Dragon indicator. The EA opens a deal by indicator color, then there is the opportunity to increase the network of orders or work with stop loss.

Inputs Value

·         Open new series – True/False – EA will open another series of orders (enable/disable)

·         Trade Buy – True/False – EA will buy or not buy (enable/disable)

·         Trade Sell – True/False – EA will sell or not sell (enable/disable)

·         Manage manual orders – True/False – If true EA will manage manual orders (enable/disable)

·         Use hedge – True/False – EA will hedge (buy and sell)

·         Order Comment – Type in comment of your choice

·         Max spread (0-not use) – Maximum spread allowed

·         Start Hour – the hour that the EA will start trading

·         End Hour – the hour that the EA will stop trading

·         Magic – the number for the EA to recognize it’s own positions

·         TF Black Dragon – choose time frame from selection

·      ·  Use stochastic – True/False – if True EA will use stochastic settings below to enter trades


·     Max buy orders – Maximum buy orders allowed

· ·     Max sell orders – Maximum sell orders allowed

·     Initial Lot – Start lot

·   Autolot – True/False – enable/disable auto lot calculation

·   Autolot size – Amount of the deposit on which start lot is to be used when auto lot is True

·   Lot multiplier – Lot multiplier for subsequent orders

·  Max Lot – Maximum lot size that can be opened by EA

·  TP (0-not use) – Take profit in pips

·  SL (0-not use) – Stop loss in pips

·  Overlap last order – True/False – The first and last order will close together and cancel each other out to reduce draw down (enable/disable)

·  Overlap last order number – At what order number will the overlap start?

·  Overlap percent – The percentage profit after first order will close in loss and last order will close in profit, recovering the loss plus X percent

· Pause between orders (min 0 – not use) – Amount of minutes to pause between orders

· Fix distance – The distance between orders

· Order dinamic distance – From which order will the dynamic distance begin (number)

· Dynamic distance start –This value sets the distance between first order and market price, where the dynamic distance will begin

· Distance multiplier – The multiplier factor for increasing distance between orders

Note:  Products using the custom DLL “msimg32.dll”, most antivirus’s may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”  as it is a false alarm and its SAFE.  This false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL. and not verified to any publisher but needed to make this product unlocked.