EA Collector




Automated Trading System «Collector» – is a trading robot that uses a hidden vulnerability of the foreign exchange market, which are reluctant to extend that successful traders and brokers are trying to hide.

The robot performs arbitrage operations around the clock monitoring the market and earns a correlation rates. Subject to the rules of money management risk is minimal, and the drawdown in the trade are only a few percent. Profitability can also be very large, up to 10% per day (depending on system configuration).

Arbitrage trading in a rational approach is the safest way to profit in the Forex market. The key point is that at any time your open positions are protected from the critical drawdown, which would be and how many points did not follow the price. This method of trading used in one form or another, most large hedge funds and financial companies. However, with regard to conditions in the foreign exchange market Forex, it should be noted that the favorable arbitrage opportunities occur with varying intensity, and often very transient.

Platform: Metatrader 4;
Version Adviser: 2012;
Currency pairs: EURUSD with GBPUSD, AUD/USD with NZD/USD and etc;
Timeframe: Any;
Hours: Round the clock