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Exp TickSniper


Exp-TickSniper is a fast tick scalper that automatically selects parameters for each currency pair separately.

  1. The EA has been developed based on experience gained in almost 10 years of EA programming.
  2. The EA performs short-term trades using smart trailing stop and based on the current currency pair data, its quotes, specification and spread.
  3. The averaging strategy is used to prevent losses caused by the signals detection algorithm.
  4. If an open position suffers a certain loss, then the function of averaging positions is triggered.
  5. In extreme cases, positions opened by TickSniper are accompanied by a stop loss. If the auto trading system cannot gain a minimum profit, then positions are closed by a stop loss one by one.
  6. The system automatically defines favorable stop loss and take profit levels, as well as the distances of averaging positions, trailing stop distance, etc.
  7. The EA obtains data on these parameters from a currency pair specification, the current prices and other factors that are a part of our strategy.

Recommended trading account:

  • Recommended deposit    LOW RISK   of $ 1,000  with a minimum lot 0.01  3 currency pairs (eg EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY);
  • Recommended deposit    MEDIUM RISK  of $ 300  with minimal lot  0.01  on 1 currency pair (eg EURUSD);
  • Recommended deposit    HIGH RISK   of $ 100  with minimal lot  0.01  on 1 currency pair (eg EURUSD);
  • ECN PRO, Floating Spread, Leverage 1: 300 and above;
  • Any currency pairs, we trade on EURUSD USDJPY USDCHF

How it works?

  1. Buy our advisor;
  2. Download to your terminal;
  3. Set on the chart of any currency pair (for example EURUSD);
  4. Turn on the Autotrade button and “Allow live trading”;
  5. Do not change the settings, Advisor is automatic!



  • It works on the currency pair, o which chart it is attached.
  • Timeframe does not matter.
  • A floating spread is recommended. A zero spread is forbidden!
  • Each open position is accompanied by a stop loss,
  • the averaging function and additional opening.
  • The cumulative position (a series of open positions) has its trailing stop.
  • If the position or series of positions goes into profit, the EA sets a breakeven point. If the price rolls back, such a position is closed by breakeven.
  • The EA calculates the spread based on averaging the last ticks.


  1. The EA works not on all brokers! It depends on the speed of quotes in the terminal. You can download the demo version.
  2. The EA does not work in the strategy tester due to quote speed. Check the system on real chart.
  3. The EA operation is based on spread increase or decrease, as well as quote rate, therefore, it may show different results on different brokers.
  4. The EA is fully automated.