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Content: Expert: forex50pips.mq4 (Unlocked – Source Code), UserGuide: forex50pips_users_guide.pdf.


Forex 50 Pips

I am Rita Lasker, the head of Green Forex Group with my team of programmers
and professional currency market traders.
Today I am proud to present you our new brilliant product – Forex50pips
There are thousands of developers out there in Forex, who develop a huge variety
of different products.
Almost all of those products are based on repackaged technologies of the current
To find a truly unique product is virtually impossible. However, we’ve managed to
develop a remarkable product that uses a “quick-witted” and exact algorithm – the
Forex Microshifting.
The idea behind our technological development, as funny as it may be, lays in the
fluctuations of the prices.
That particular area has its own certain patterns that pushed us closer to the Idea.
Having “digested” that idea creatively, we’ve managed to adapt it to the activity
trends on Forex market.
The Microshifting Algorithm turned out to be surprisingly successful. And finally we
managed to finalize the user-friendly interface of the system that provides accurate
signals. And here it is – Forex50pips Indicator.
The subsequent testing revealed: the indicator very successfully performs with any
trend and even in the absence of a trend.
Rita Lasker & Green Forex Group.
Personal note:
Please read the whole User’s Guide! It contains all the necessary information. Though,
here are the basic moments that you will find at the pages:

p.5 – Installation
p .10 – The properties of the Indicator
p.11 – Sound alarms
p .12 – Emails notifications (2 methods of setting it up)
p.15 – Open/Close signals. Trading with Forex50pips. Recommendations.