FTL v5.0 for all brokers (Secret Profit in Triangular)





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FTL v5.0 for all brokers (secret profit in triangular)


After analyzing triangular correlation so far, I have found something very interesting. ok, we leave the analysis first to open positions, let’s try to open the manual, it’s up to buy sell buy or sell buy sell on triangular eur/usd eur/jpy usd/jpy.

if we split our open trade, we will get 2 camps fighting each other. EURUSD and EURJPY are in the same direction so that we open in reverse and EURUSD and USDJPY are in the opposite direction, so we open the same position …
we assume our open buy sell buy.
pair A = EURUSD
pair B = EURJPY
pair C = USDJPY

buy A + sell B VS buy C

It turns out that buy A + sell B = sell C
(if we buy pairs A and B sell together then it will be able to profit when the C pair drops, please try it by yourself)

then actually from the triangular correlation we open C open sell and buy C … but why can it profit ??? isn’t that a perfect hedging, however the market direction of the two positions will always eliminate profits (can’t profit). The answer is profit. Here’s the explanation. if we open sell C and buy C with the same lots as 1 lot. sell 1 lots of pair’s C and buy 1 lots of pairs C.

then both of these positions will eliminate profits from the market direction (it won’t be able to profit because the floating will remain at any time). but it’s different if we use triangular correlation to reduce it. because the pips per lots is different.

the value of pips per 1 lots of EURUSD is 10

pips per 1 lots of EURJPY is 9.04

pips per 1 USDJPY lots is 9.04

buy pair A sell pair B to replace C. sell pair if we use each 1 lots to open trade then per point we can calculate

pair A + pair B
(10 + 9.04) / 2 = 9.52

9.04 pairs

difference between 9.52 – 9.04 = 0.48 penpoint wins A + pair B pair

so, from here we can conclude with us open triangular open 1 lots each buy pair A sell pair B buy pair C that value equals we sell 9.52 C lots pair (buy A sell B) and buy 9.04 lots of pair C
if we trade then when the C plus pair is certainly the result of the two other pairs minus, on the contrary when the C pair is minus then the results of the other two pairs will be plus. so, this triangular correlation will profit only if the C pair is minus assuming that the minus is greater than the spread value + the third pairs commission.