Fusion Expert Advisor (Latest Version 2.0)

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Content: Expert: Fusion2 .ex4  (Unlocked for MT4 Build 1170), Document


Automated Trading software

During the Brexit process, the volatility has been extremely high and Fusion has capitalised. It is a standalone system so there are no other products that need to be added or purchased. It can open and close all the trades for you and needs little intervention once you’ve set the parameters.

This expert advisor can be added to your MT4 account. It is customisable to your chosen account size and allows the customer to potentially capitalise from the market volatility. Fusion is encrypted to a single MT4 account with each purchase.

This automated forex trading system is designed to be easy to follow due to little manual intervention being required once the parameters have been set.


Why Choose Fusion?

  • Strong Historic Gains with Managed Risk
  • Can automate your trading once inputs added