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Actually, you know why. Because you have not got an ideal scalper yet. There are plenty of multiple ready indicators and numerous templates, but they are useless without a logical strategy and relevant psychological approach. When a trader combines all features, he becomes a professional, but while it happens, you have to learn and try and test to analyze and build up your own scalping technique. So we are here to give you the most innovated and advanced tool for electronic trading. It is an ELITE system that is available online within a limited time only. You will not find it later, so please give it a chance now. Why exactly we do recommend trying it? Here are the top points.


FREE personal update. It’s your own scalper not because you may have it obviously, but because you are granted with the free modification as a bonus. Yes, we do not just sell and run. We trade with you and listen to your needs and update/modify the offered system personally.


No indicator is equally great at all times. But if it is great in about 70% of trading time, it is a success. Is it? We tried to make it as universal as possible, to cover different market states, including bad trading time, so your overall win/loss ratio would keep up with the positive and profitable level.

We are user-friendly and open to new researches. E-Scalper represents the best of our NEW and unique visions of modern trading. Please, try it out and you will never regret about it. 

Once you try our patented flexible interface
(we apply a new approach based on intuitive trading and your ideas),
YOU WILL NOT be able to trade old-fashionly. Sorry about it…

Trend is usually the basic of all trading. It is absolutely correct for high timeframes. While scalping is a very fast strategy and sometimes you can have up to a dozen trades within a trend. And half of them can be wrong… Scalping needs a specific approach and it should work with microtrends. That’s a theory. In fact, microtrends are even harder to catch, they are almost random. Most indicators dealing with micro trends give too much of false signals or are too late. We believe that it is better to find something more stable to rely on. These are the specific points to enter that may occur at any time, even if it looks like against main trend, and your trade will be profitable. Let’s call them E-points.

Important note #1: indicator gives pretty active signals – but most of these trades are quite fast. No need to wait for BIG pips… this is active styled tool. It looks for E-points, that almost always allow to get some Pips. This is not trend indicator that allow you to make big Pips on one signal. M1-M5-M15 are quite active for big Pips.

Important note #2: indicator gives pretty active signals – but pauses exist. Don’t worry if you faced with such a strange situation (on the first look). This is normal for current algorithm. If there is no signals – just wait and take another pair or time frame for trading. It happens mostly after weekends or on small fluctuations.  More signals doesn’t mean more Pips. This is not trend indicator – be patience and wait, please.

Important note #3: E-Scalper can give you more signals on M15 than on M1 quite often. Why? Just because such E-points happens on M15 more frequently than on M1 or M5 sometimes. Just be ready for this.

It is the specific E-PATTERN of E-points that works within any trend. E-pattern shows optimal entry points that are profitable even though it looks like they are against trend. So our main idea is that it is not the main trend you should concentrate on, but search for universal profitable entries. Such a “random” trade algorithm may seem strange, but it works. Check screenshots. It is much easier to find a precise single entry point rather than determine a short and unpredictable micro trend. And that’s our approach in E-Scalper. E-Scalper shows Pips summary and win/loss ratio based on previous 30 signals. So you actually see how it works.


We know that each trader is unique, that’s why we offer free personal updates. We always share demo copy with our testimonials team – just to make it even better and understand how it works. We are glad to share one of these feedbacks: +100 Pips, 23 trades/3 losses, part time trading.

“Thanks for a chance to try your system before official start. It was my pleasure to help you and made it better. Just part time trading, each trade is fast. I used lazy tactic – good trades re-opened if trend allowed.”

FX E-Scalper is our ELITE scalping system that is based on a mix of your ideas, our own researches and best scalping algorithms and patterns. We combined indicators, manual sets and Expert Advisors in ONE. E-Scalper works as a manual indicator, but it also can work as Expert Advisor if you activate AutoTradeIt feature. Any style you want – just you decide.



Install E-Scalper and it automatically detects pair and timeframe of your chart. Algorithm activates recommended settings itself, so the whole process of adaptation is automated. You can’t be wrong. We included 12 sets of settings with triple variations inside (36 total sets + 2 adaptable universal) to cover all possible setups. If you install E-Scalper at some other not predefined pair, it scans it and uses a combination of average settings with the universal adaptable algorithm. 

EScalper is not limited by specific pairs. Have a strong desire to trade your favorite pair? OK. E-Scalper is an ELITE system that offers a personal approach to your needs. We will modify it for you. And yes, for FREE. One personal adaptation is included into Elite version of E-Scalper.

E-SCALPING is a combination of SAFETY like in manual systems, COMFORT like in Auto Trades. Not just manual, not fully auto.



We are ready to show you latest chart screenshots and Pips information. As you see – trades are active most of the time (but there are some quite parts) and each trade is quite fast most of the time. Take Pips and exit.

USDJPY, M1: good wins range, signals are rare for M1 – but active enough for our strategy.

EURGBP, M5: E-points are good and sometimes same to micro trends.

AUDUSD, M15: 17 signals and just 2 “loss” signals.

EURUSD, M5: 6 win trades after almost 1 day with no signals. It happens rare, after weekend.

USDCHF, M15: nice wins range, almost no losses. Awesome!

AUDUSD, M1: 6 signals and just 1 loss signal.


We guarantee that FX E-Scalper does not repaint, move, change or somehow alter its signals. If you restart MT4, all the signals remain there. It is not lagging. Any new signals appear at the bar opening and stay fixated at your chart at a bar closing. We do not try to make it look better; we show real performance and give all the trading options to make it profitable for you.

Pips info, drawdown and related details are given to show the average latest accuracy based on auto MT4 calculations. It doesn’t necessarily represent total accuracy as you may expect. If you open slow pairs during flat, these factors will be low and it is normal. It is an extra filter to remind you about proper trading conditions.

We know our product, we coded its algorithm and we are sure about its performance. And we also know that our views and approaches may be different from yours. That’s why we reserve your right to get a personal free modification of the system. You update may include some extra filter or adjustments of interface, some minor improvements, not a global re-write.



One-time payment for the system. Low starting capital. Low risks in trading. Modest but stable profits.

Low risks of E-algorithm. Due to the specific entry points almost every signal goes in profit. If you are ok with rather small profits of each trade, you may have up to 95% of wins. Stop Loss is also recommended to be set close to the price, so if a trade is negative, the loss is small.

Even if you trade just 2-3 hours daily you can increase your deposit by 5-15% DAILY. Just do not scalp too much, stay attentive.

You don’t need to spend hours. Any trade lasts for about 10-30 minutes max. So you trade it, you close it and you are free for a day.
5. IT IS ENCOURAGING.Trade and see your results. 6. IT IS FLEXIBLE. Select time, pair and duration of trading.

Note of a common sense. It is not a lottery.
Yes, E-Scalper is safe and reliable. But scalping itself is risky. To compensate it, please always use a suitable lot size and set Stop Loss and Take Profit. Do not chase for duplicating your deposit at once. It takes time.


Why AutoTrade? Really? It is the TOP requested feature!
And we made it true.

In daily trading, every trader makes multiple steps after getting an alert. You hear it, rush towards the terminal, open it and search for the source, read the conditions and decide if to follow it. If yes, you place it, define and set Stop Loss and Take Profit. I doubt that you can do it really fast, while almost every second takes away those pips. And even if you can do it, M1-M15 require your constant trading attention, it is a fact.

So we made it simple. AutoTrade is a unique option to enable auto entering of the next 2 signal. Only the two next signals will be automatically traded if it meets all condition. Once it will be triggered, the option will be reset back to manual trading. To enable it, just click it again. How it works: E-Scalper sends its signal just like any indicator. Auto algorithm checks it and open a relevant order, modify it with Stop Loss and Take Profit and follow it until it is closed. It represents a dream of all manual traders, you still rule over the market, but the process is automated. 100% auto scalping is not recommended! Scalping is not a suitable strategy for robots, that’s why we added just a one-time AutoTrade-It. It is your safety and comfort.



Scalping control panel consists of 2 logical parts. First part is “Trading” and 2nd part is “Comfort”.

1. Trading part: easy and smart Buy-Sell interface + AUTO Trade option.

You may open Buy or Sell order by clicking this button. When you click it, a new instant order with a specific Magic Number is placed. This way E-Scalper does not affect other manual orders that usually go with zero magic numbers.
Lot size, Take Profit/Stop Loss & BreakEven: 
Basic options for trading are placed within a single panel so you can control it at any time. You don’t need to go to Inputs of the indicator as they are all here, at a chart. You set here Take Profit, Stop Loss values, Lot Size. In addition, you may set here BE Pips: Breakeven. It is the amount of profit in Pips when order is modified to breakeven. If you need to disable it, set any BE value that is higher than TakeProfit.

TRADE: A-buy/A-sell activate AutoTrade. If you activate it, E-Scalper will trade its next 2 signals. It will place it and modify according with the preset SL and TP. If you set Breakeven in BE Pips section, it will also use it. You can chose only one next signals or both.

P.S. If you are going to ask about trailing… do your really use it while scalping? It is not typical for scalping but we can add it for you! Just request your personal exclusive update and it will be done.

2. SAFE & Comfort: second part of options within a control panel deals with advanced options that make your trading safe and comfortable.

FILTER: it is a trend filter option. If you activate it, you will see 3 types of filter to use. Click to select the one you like and see how it filters signals instantly. If you click on “USE” – E-Scalper will filter auto trades by filter you chose. This is quite safer.
T-FRAME: it is a time frame information. If you activate it you will see trend direction at 4 different timeframes. Blue button means Buy, Red button means Sell.  
TIME-S: this option shows current time session. While active market sessions signals are more active and clear. This help you to avoid trading while sideway Market. 
INFO: this is good option that shows real situation on the Market. As soon as you activate it – you will see win/loss ratio for latest 30 signals. It based on Pips info data. Order counts as win if order comes into +5 Pips profit on M1 and +10 Pips profit on M5/M15. Sure, there is not an ideal way to count… but we offer this one, because it’s common. If you need any own way to check it – we can help you with deep analytics. Also, note, that it’s impossible to take peak profit, it’s just peak and based on maximum fluctuation. 


Few more chart screenshots – please, see how it works:

USDJPY, M5: nice wins range

USDCHF, M1: we highly recommend to focus on M5-M15, but even M1 is good.

EURGBP, M15: activity is on high level

USDCAD, M15: almost each signal comes to profit.

GBPUSD, M15: good activity after slow Monday

USDJPY, M15: nice signals – almost each one on the high/low levels.


We would like to give you an extra bonus – Forex EuroTrade Robot. It works on single pair – EURUSD and M15 time frame. Let’s look inside the robot. Special algorithm core is the heart of Forex EuroTrade. And, this tiny heart have enough space to contain its complex of systems to make hundreds of computations with the every tick of the price. It reminds me one saying, that if you cannot see it, it does not mean that it does not exist. You may see a small ex.4 file and then its name at the chart, but its work is hidden. Let us reveal the main steps.

Pre-step. Market recognition and analyzing. Instantly after you attach it to its M15 chart, it starts collecting and analyzing actual market. Filter by Oscillators. First and most important step. Oscillators are extremely useful with short trends as they are very trend-sensitive. Filter by trend. Signals from oscillators that come to this stage are not yet accurate as most oscillators are great in showing overbought/oversold but are risky without trend confirmation. Therefore, at this stage we add a trend-detecting filter.


 What’s so “unique” about E-Scalper and why should I choose it over anything else?
E-Scalper is a system, which is allow you to use it as manual or auto style. New way to open trades – no micro trends, just exact points that allow to make some Pips.

 What would I need to start trading? What are the main requirements?
You’ll need MetaTrader4 from any broker and a reliable internet connection. The system has been designed for all currency pairs, M1-M5-M15 Time Frames.

 What’s the minimum size of the deposit required for safe trading with this system?
$100. It works with 0.01 lot size. Be careful with lots always. Sure, you can use even less amount, but risks will be higher.

 Can you guarantee that I WILL make money using your products?
No one can ever give such a guarantee. However, we are more than certain, that you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that on average the sheer number of successful (profitable) transactions is between 75-85%.

 How do I get the software?

Instant download

 Do you plan to upgrade the pack? How can I receive it?
Yes, if we update it, you will receive all upgrades for free by email. You can ask for update by email if feel that missed it or something goes wrong.

 If I happened not to like your product, can I get my money back?
We are certain, that the program will pay for itself in just a few successful trades, so you won’t even need to seek a refund. However, if for whatever reason you decided to return our product, we have a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

 Can I change Take Profit and Stop Loss and other settings?
Yes, you have such option. The settings are left open for you.

 Can I open/close the orders manually?
Yes, sure. You can open/close it. It doesn’t affect to trading. You can combine manual & auto trading at the same time.

Our support team will guide you through the license activation and help with any trading questions. Usually we answer in 2-6 hours, but it may also take longer up to a business day, please consider it. Let us also recommend reading all the details here at the website and cover all pages of manual guides, usually all questions are already answered there. If not, we will certainly do it. We will also appreciate screenshots, details and sometimes payment details if you have a specific problem to be solved.


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