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Whether the Gold King series can be used for standard accounts, the answer is yes. Model A can pass the third-party professional evaluation institution 99.9% data quality, 35–50-point differential dynamic pressure test, gold King series is not a false name. Model B passed the fixed 50 spread test. Standard accounts with high spreads are not recommended, however, and XAUUSD spreads are best below 35. Perhaps you will find other trading XAUUSD EA is also good, try a fixed 35 spread back test.

At present, the low-end cracked version of GoldKing Pro 1.0, which is also renamed and sold on the MQL official website, is unable to normally trade XAUCHF, XAUGBP and other varieties due to incomplete functions and incomplete parameters. Is genuine or crack, piracy, back test comparison will know the true and false. In addition, the legitimate version supports XAUUSD standard account 50 spreads, and the cracked renamed sales version cannot be supported.

Gold king pro can be upgraded to gold paladin, Gold Paladin can be upgraded to immortal bird, Apocalypse, Apocalypse is recommended. Apocalypse represents my highest achievement on the XAU series, upgrades only need to make up the difference, no need to pay twice.

EA built-in Model A and Model B two completely different ideas of billing mode, buying an EA is equivalent to getting two EA. Model A has more transactions, but the average profit per transaction is relatively low. Model B has fewer deals but a higher average profit per transaction, comparable to the excellent Trend EA, which has an average profit of 70 ideas per transaction. EA does not need a low spread platform, and a standard account (XAUUSD spread <=35) can also run.

Gold Paladin 1.5 the following version support on EURUSD; GBPUSD; USDCHF; USDCAD; The ailing; GBPAUD; GBDCAD; EURAUD; EURCAD: slight; AUDCAD; CHFJPY.



Forget those who didn’t stop strategy, or stop very, very big policy, their funding curve looks very perfect, but they will eventually ruin your trading accounts, this is their end…

Gold Paladin EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor is designed to execute fast and precise trades using scalping techniques such as trend following and capitalizing on short-term price fluctuations. Gold Paladin a very effective trading strategy, professionally developed especially for trading GOLD (XAUUSD) ,XAUEUR,XAUCHF,XAUJPY,XAUGBP,XAUAUD.

EA do not use the average orders, Martin, and other dangerous trading methods.  It is a classical trading strategy by a textbook, which uses reasonable Stop Loss levels and an

effective entry and exit trading logic.

All transactions will be closed within 4-6 hours.

Stops are provided and check every transaction, as well as the trading deadline.

Built-in volatility filters, for each currency for optimization.

EA do not use the press filter.

Suggestion: 0.01 $50 deal with transaction list 2. I also suggested in the ECN or RAW account and low ping VPS to use.

Gold Paladin i s built on a solid and well-designed trading strategy, runs best on the 15M timeframe. However, thanks to its flexible settings, it can also be used with any currency pair. Gold Paladin used the most proven trading principle since the markets exist – namely a position entry in the direction of a distinctive market impulse and a following correction. This principle has been proven rock solid since the markets exist and it has been widely exploited by the “Smart Money” traders. Gold Paladin comes with Money Management System. You can set a risk in percents, and the robot will automatically calculate the lots according to the risk and your account free margin.

Recommended setup:

  • XAUUSD, M15 (15-minute chart)
  • Only run   XAUUSD at least 50 USD to start.
  • Run all currency pair need at least 250 USD to start.