Golden Shine Ea v1.01

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Content: Expert: Golden Shine MT4_fix.ex4 v1.01 (Unlocked MT4 Build 1420+), NO MANUAL.



Golden Shine is designed for scalping GOLD by placing pending orders based on high low at certain periods by taking advantage of strong momentum.

Why Golden Shine:
  • Golden Shine is a fully automatic trade system.
  • Does not use any risky strategies such as martingale, grid or multiple orders.
  • Every trade is protected by stoploss 8 pips.


Symbol: XAUUSD
Timeframe: M30/H1
Test Period: 2017-2024 Every Ticks
Type of account: PRO, ECN, RAW, Hedging, Leverage 1:500
Settings: Need Set file
Minimum/Recommended Deposit: 100$/1000$
Can work with other EAs: Golden Shine can work properly with other EA in the same account
Expert input:
1. Manage Open Positions
+ Period in bars for indicators: How many bars should look back
2. Manage Lots and Money
+ AutoLot: Enable/disable autolots
+ if AutoLot = true, fill in Money to manage, $: Fill in money to manage (Example: your Balance 1000, fill in 200, Autolot = 1000/200=5 x 0.01 =0.05, so every 200$ increase, the lot will increase by 0.01)
+ if Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: fill in the initial lot
+ Maximal Lots: max lots per trade
3. Manage SL-TP Settings
+ Stoploss & Takeprofit (in pips): enable/disable virtual stop Loss & takeprofit
+ Stop Loss (in pips), 0= no stoploss: Stop loss in pips
+ Take Profit (in pips), 0= no takeprofit: Takeprofit in pips
4. Manage Trailing
+ Trailing: enable/disable Trailing
+ Trailing Start (in pips): Trailing starts in pips
+ Trailing Size (in pips): Step trailing in pips
5. Manage BreakEven
+ Break Even: enable/disable Break even in pips
+ Break Even Start, in pips: Break even start
+ Break Even Step, in pips: Break even step
6. Time Management
+ Use time control: restrictions on trading hours and days, this only applies to opening a new cycle. Timings use broker’s server time.
+ Trade Start Time: Time to start trades
+ Trade End Time: The time the trading session ends
+ Trade in Monday: enable trade in Monday
+ Trade in Tuesday: enable Trade in Tuesday
+ Trade in Wednesday: enable Trade in Wednesday
+ Trade in Thursday: enable Trade in Thursday
+ Trade in Friday: enable Trade in Friday
7. Manage Others
+ Max Spread (in Pips): maximum spread allowed
+ Max Slippage (in Pips): maximum slippage allowed
+ Coefficient (if Freeze=0 Or Stops Levels=0): Fill in at least 1, only to anticipate volatile market conditions and the broker will increase freeze level and stop level.

+ Magic number: EA identifies open positions based on this magic number.

If you have any questions or need help with setting the Expert Advisor up, please do not hesitate to contact us through PM. We will always try to reply as quickly as possible.

Before buying this product, please make sure you understand the risks involved with trading and that past performance is no guarantee for future results.