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Content: Expert: H_I_A_P_E_3_0_A_I_Artificial_Intelligence_7_14_Update_fix.ex4 (Unlocked), Indicators: Forex Calendar MT4.ex4, HGI_v16.09.ex4, Preset: HIAPE 3.0 M5.set, Libraries: AssarLib.ex4, hgi_lib.ex4, stdlib.ex4, Include: hgi_indi.mqh, hgi_lib.mqh, Scripts: 11, NO MANUAL.




The H.I.A.P.E. 3.0 uses advanced machine learning technology. It’s artificial intelligence-based functionality is highly adaptive to market conditions of all types. It reads the markets and adapts to changing conditions without you having to change any moving averages, atr settings, rsi settings, trend filters or even support or resistance levels.

The H.I.A.P.E. 3.0 (Artificial Intelligence) Forex Trading Robot is a highly adaptive system that will manage your account based on active market conditions. It will execute positions only within the London session and 8 hours into the session. In which time it will not allow new trades, but it will still manage the old ones.  It will automatically start at the London session and when the session is over.

It will wait for the next session to start trading again. Making this a fully automated system. It will identify all of the above and learn from the immediate changes in the markets. Then use what it learned to adapt to the ever-changing conditions in real time! When your target is hit, all trades will close and the algo will disable itself.