How I Made 860% Profit – Forex Trading Competition





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How I Made 860% Profit – Forex Trading Competition

In this course the winner of a recent international Forex trading competition (860% return in 2 months) openly reveals and shares all the techniques, strategies, tools and approaches used that gave him the edge to nose ahead of the competition by almost 200%. He did not use rocket science, so after doing this course there should be no reason why your own Forex trading should not take a quantum leap forward in the next year.

This course is presented by his mentor Alex du Plooy and the content comes from numerous email, Skype and Team Viewer conversation sessions. He has known and been mentored by Alex for over 5 years.

The content of the course be simple and clear and should motivate and inspire you to achieve improved Forex trading results. Many examples and explanations are given as well as an analysis of the winning trading statement.