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Content: Expert: Integral PRO 3.7_fix.ex4 (Unlocked), Indicator: ZigZag_Pointer.mq4, Presets: 18, Libraries: EXPLOCK28022017.ex4, EXPLOCK28022017.dll, Inculde: WinUser32.mqh, NO MANUAL.

Forex expert INTEGRAL (2020 Update!) Is an adviser for overclocking a deposit, works on the well-known ZigZag indicator. Our adviser uses arrow modification of this indicator. Initially, we did the usual Expert Advisor on the ZigZag indicator, but when we realized that this EA was able to double the deposit in a week, we decided to modify it and create a version for overclocking the deposit.

When a sell arrow appears, the EA builds a grid of orders in the direction of the arrow. Each order is larger than the previous one by a coefficient specified in the settings. It is also possible to make sure that the lot does not rise, but then it will not be possible to quickly disperse the deposit.

Of course, this is not a grail and with such a risk, the adviser may someday drain the deposit. But the main rule that we set is to withdraw profit after doubling the deposit.

Advisor Parameters:


Profit: 500-700% per month (max risk)

100-200% per month (moderate risk)

Profit / Loss Restriction: TP and SL

Minimum deposit : 2000 cents

Video testing the adviser:

This adviser is an aggressive expert, but it is believed that it is better to double the deposit in a week and withdraw money, than add 10% each month and at the end of the year wait for some BREXIT that will bring down all the quotes and merge your account. We make advisers for any customer. There are conservative experts on our site and there are also aggressive ones who double the deposit every week.

February 25, 2019 update to version 3.7

What’s new?

a) Fixed minor bugs in the work of the adviser, allowing it to work on ecn accounts.

b) Added function that improves stability after loss of connection.

c) Added function that improves stability after requotes.

February 17, 2018 update to version 3.02

What’s new?

a) Added new features that increase the profit of the adviser several times!
b) Added deposit protection function.
c) Fixed minor bugs in the work of the adviser.

Update 28.02.2017 to version 2.05

What’s new?

a) Found a serious bug in the work of the adviser after strong movements. Corrected
b) Updated the interface
c) Updated the advisor protection, now it has become more stable to communication loss.
d) Added protection from “sticks in wheels” from the broker.

What is Integral Forex Advisor?

This is a computer program that is installed in the appropriate section of the Metatrader 4 terminal and automatically performs the programmed actions on your account according to the chosen trading strategy.

Integral Forex Advisor is written in mql4 language and is sold in compiled form in * .ex4 format with reference to the trading account.

The author and copyright of the program is Kucher Roman Mikhailovich.

We continue to support older versions of the EA, but we strongly recommend updating the EA as soon as possible.

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