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Content: Expert: IS RED EA.ex4 (Unlocked), Preset: IS RED SET.set, NO MANUAL.


I also have the very popular IS Black EA from the same vendor here: –>  IS Black EA



The IS (Invest Sniper) Red EA is designed to work with XAUUSD (Gold).
The EA does not use martingale and other dangerous methods of making a profit.
It is very important that the EA works with a stop loss, thus limiting the maximum loss for each order.
The IS Red Expert Advisor is fully automated and does not require intervention or shutdown during news events.
We tested with IC Markets and Tick mill brokers in both cases with ECN accounts.

Minimum requirements:
Leverage 1:100-1:500.
A balance of $100 or more.
A good VPN server or working on a home PC without interruptions.
Broker IC Markets RAW or Tick mill PRO


IS RED EA works differently to IS BLACK. It is not martingale based.
When there is a large move up or down (long bar) it opens a counter pending trade with a fixed stop loss and TP.
It then moves this pending trade with the market until the reversal happens. Then the trade is engaged and then the SL is moved with the market. If the trade closes is profit or loss if we are in the same bar (5M TF) it will open another but only after the initial trade closes. So only 1 open trade at a time. Once that bar closes it stops trading until the next LONG bar is formed.