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Content: Indicator: ITMsniper7.86Unlimited.ex4 (Unlocked), Template: ITMsniperunlimited.tpl, NO MANUAL.

ITM Sniper

A Complete Trading System with Binary Options Indicator with Crystal-clear, Integrated visual template for MetaTrader 4 platform specifically designed for you to have a pleasant experience while receiving signals. You can use it for manual trading or you can use with mt2trading connector for auto-trading.

  • Non-repainting.
  • No Back-paint
  • No Laging 
  • Good Signals over 4-month Test Period
  • Trade any pair with >70% ITM as shown in Stats Panel

Supported Brokers for Auto-trading:

  • MT2IQ for IQOption
  • MT2Binary for Binary
  • MT2Spectre for Spectre
  • MT2Alpari for Alpari

Special Features:

  • Best Suitable for 5m and 15m Time Frames
  • Works Across all Currency Pairs
  • Trading Hours filter applied to only show signals during liquid market hours (i.e 5am – 8pm GMT). However you can define trading hours as per your trading style.
  • Pop-up Screen and Sound Alert to Make it Easier to Use
  • Sideways Market Filter – There is no signal when Market is Sideways, it helps to reduce lot of OTMs and increase the ITM Ratio.
  • Filter Losses – In This Indicator you can define to filter the number of losses. For example Indicator will wait for its own 3 consecutive losses signals first then it will fire the actual signal, it helps for martingale traders.