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Content: Indicators: KX1.mq4, KX2.mq4, KX3.mq4, KX4.mq4, KX5.ex4 (Unlocked – Source Code), Template: KX4 system.tpl, NO MANUAL.


KX4 – Key Extreme 4 System

Deposit acceleration system
Key extreme 4
The Key Extremum 4 (KX4) trading system allows you to QUICKLY and Errorless detect a trend change! This means that you will be able to fix and increase your profit on time, reduce losses, and also quickly change your work strategy depending on the current market condition.
The KX4 trading system is very easy to learn. Allows scalping, as well as trading in the medium-and-long-term. An experienced trader can combine the KX4 system with his best practices and improve his trading results by 350-400% and higher.
Absolutely all indicators of the system are NOT redrawn and give early signals to enter and exit the transaction.