Mix lol v6 EA-MT4





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Content: Expert: Mixlol V6.ex4 (Unlocked), Presets: Mixlol V6 aggressive M5 or H1.set, Mixlol V6 low risk M5 or H1.set, Mixlol V6 medimu M5 or H1.set, Document: Operating Instructions.txt.


Mix lol v6 EA-MT4


Results: ID: 2090701801 , investerpassword: lHlPoQy5 , server : Tickmill-Demo-UK


Robot Details: Mix lol v6_EA

  • Time frame =5M
  • Drawdown =15%
  • Very little reflection
  • Minimum deposit $300
  • Pairs : all
  • works with any broker
  • A very strong strategy

3 exclusive set files:

The first aggressive set file used in M5 corresponds to the youtube video setting and the published MyFxBook period.

18/12/2021 – 18/01/2022 – Balance 1000 with 0.01 lotti GBPUSD


You can use this EA with GBPUSD, EURUSD and other similar exchange rates.

Do your sturdiness backtests in the past.

If you use it in H1 it is more robust.

Test the file sets with the different risk coefficients.


The most aggressive money management uses 0.01 lots for every 1000 euro of balance, but it is very risky.

We recommend that you test the best richness ratio that suits you, between Balance and first lot.


If you want to use aggressive trading, you should parcel out the capital.

If you burn the account, you can always start over with 1/5 of the remaining capital.

If you have a capital of 5,000 euros, divide it into 5 parts.

Trade with 1000 euros, up to double the capital.

Add the 1000 euros to the capital of 5000, which will be 6000.

Divide by 5 and trade with 1200.

When you double up, you add 1200 to 6000 and you get 7200.

Divide by 5 and trade with 1440.