NEXUS Trading Method




The NEXUS book contains two quite different trading techniques that literally anyone can learn in a few hours and for those who already trade should be able to learn these techniques even quicker.

The whole aim of this book is to show and explain as simply as possible to a trader or someone completely new to trading, where precisely to place a trade, with entry price, target price to take profit at and stop loss position in case a mistake is made. Both methods employ simple logic that literally anyone can understand.

The NEXUS techniques in this book are best used for 24 hour markets like the S&P Globex continuous futures, Gold and the FOREX markets. All the example charts in the book are using the S&P continuous futures charts available from nearly all brokers and spread bet companies.

NEXUS is not a system to predict future market turns, nor does it have anything to do with the Market Matrix, although the techniques in the NEXUS book will help existing Matrix users to enter Matrix points with more clarity and confidence. The techniques in the NEXUS book are pure logical trading techniques that have high winning ratios because of the logic employed in the NEXUS method.

The two methods in the NEXUS book are designed for trading on an end-of-day basis so have nothing to do with intra-day trading. Both methods employ the logic of simple market patterns that occur all the time in the markets that are very easy to spot. Once the user confirms one of the 8 pre-defined NEXUS patterns, they will then place one of the pre-defined trades according to the NEXUS method that will give a high probability trade.

Rather than show these two techniques being used on pre-selected historical charts where they have worked in the past, I wanted to prove beyond a doubt how easy and profitable these methods are in the real world. So I take you through using these methods over the last 6 months of the S&P starting from October 2008, step by step day by day through to the last day of data available at the time, with colour charts for each and every trade that was available in that period. All the entry and exit targets on the charts are in full colour for you to see clearly and go through at your own pace.

Over the 6 month period from 1st October 2008 to mid April 2009 when the book was written, the first method produced 32 trades with 28 winning, the second method produced 23 trades with 21 winning.

No method can be 100% perfect with all of your trades winning which is why both methods have pre-defined stops in place for every trade so any loss trade is closed with the minimum cost to your account.

All trades are placed using end-of-day data, so you can place your trades with your broker at the and of the trading day with pre-defined entry, profit, and stop loss targets, then you can walk away and get on with enjoying your life while the trades take care of themselves.

The NEXUS book has just the bare hard facts of the methods explained, so it is easy to read and follow without any unnecessary waffle or padding.

NEXUS is the easy way to trade without the worry and stress, or sitting on your bum wasting your life watching your computer screen all day.