Ninjatrader v8.0.26.1 with Mega Software Packages




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Ninjatrader Version 64-bit (Unlocked) with Megapack Gift Bundles (with AlgoBox, Future Analytica, NueAlgo-V2, Remek & other gifts)

Ninjatrader 8 features:
-MultiBroker (also support legacy AMP)
-TT credit of $4500 for static dom every day
-Allows connections to Apex, Leeloo, or Bulenox at the same time
-Unlocked Tradovate connectivity as well
-All standard NT lic included along with SpotGamma, FingAlgo, AMS, KISS, and many more

-No HWID concept but fair usages applicable    

Please note, these courses are quite big (6+ GB) so please make sure you download it in small portions.

You are purchasing Ninjatrader Version 64-bit (Unlocked). The listed mega bonuses are gifts; therefore, I don’t guarantee that all of the gifts will work forever + some of these are a bit difficult to install and I can’t help with the installation. This is reflected on the super-low price, and you are getting excellent value, however, please only purchase if you are ok with these terms.


All these as a gift bonus: