Oliver Velez – Swing Trading Tactics




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Content: eBook: Oliver Velez – Swing Trading Tactics.pdf – (87pgs).


Finally, a video workshop on Swing Trading! Comes with online manual featuring everything you need to master Swing Trading and take it to new levels of success. See why one trader says he bought the tape and made $700 on a short sale right off the bat using the technique. Seriously. A quality Video. Jacket Description: Here’s one of the very first video presentations on Swing Trading available today. Pristine.com and The Pristine Day Trader’s founder, Oliver Velez, packed the halls at the recent International Online Trading Expo and set new attendance records. Now, you can view this incredible presentation-accompanied by an online companion manual-giving you all the information on taking swing trading to new levels of trading success. You’ll find the proprietary techniques the Pristine staff have refined over the years-presented in the easiest to understand way. These concepts form the corner stone of every sound trading strategy and once mastered, traders will rarely find themselves on the wrong side of the markets. Viewers will find: – An introduction to swing trading basics and benefits – How to spot opportunities using successful swing trading criteria – Key set-ups and using moving averages – Reading charts successfully-especially Japanese Candle Sticks.