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  • OPTHINK gives you the power to predict human behaviour, so you can stay ahead of everyone around you.
  • OPTHINK gives you the foresight to anticipate future decisions made by leaders and shot-callers.
  • OPTHINK gives you the control to set things in motion that will create an environment favourable to your goals.

When you get access to OPTHINK, you’ll get elite training never-before-seen outside the closed doors of Langley:

  • 27 Operational Thinking Training Modules: These science-backed modules give you the straight-forward training you need to bring your brain into the mindset of an elite operator. Use these skills to predict, control, and direct the behaviour of your bosses, colleagues, clients, and peers.
  • ​Advanced Training Tools to Master Influence: These advanced modules give you the tools to transform your relationship with others. You’ll master elite skills such as conversation mapping, social assessment, and elicitation. Use these skills to gain new opportunities, new relationships, and new wins.
  • ​Real-World Application Training: What you learn in a classroom means nothing if you can’t apply it in the real world. These elite application modules give you the tools to apply OPTHINK to everyday situations.