PipByPip EA v1.5 (Source Code)





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PipByPip EA v1.5 (Source Code)

The Expert Advisor allows you to  trade in the channel on the GBPUSD pair. Thanks to the combined system of tracking profits and hedging open positions with trades in the opposite direction, high stability is achieved in changing market conditions. In order to protect the deposit in extreme situations, a strict loss limit (stop loss) is used.

  • Strategy type:  flat
  • Average monthly yield:  300-400 points
  • Pair traded:  GBPUSD
  • Working timeframe:  M5

The EA’s parameters allow for round-the-clock trading, however, the greatest efficiency is ensured during quiet periods of the market, therefore the recommended default trading time interval is from 1-2 to 9-10 GMT (depending on the source of DC quotes, the optimal time interval may shift by 1- 2 hours, so it is recommended to conduct several tests before installing the adviser).

 The main characteristics of the adviser:

  • Traded pair GBPUSD.
  • Makes, on average, 30-40 transactions per month.
  • It is possible to trade on both dollar and cent accounts.
  • The average monthly yield is 300-400 points.
  • A hard loss limit (stoploss) is used.
  • Deposit currency – USD.
  • Working with 4 and 5-digit quotes, with fixed and floating spreads, the quotes bit depth is determined automatically.
  • Error handling during each trade operation, an algorithm for reopening and closing orders in case of an error.
  • It is not afraid of disconnections, temporary power outages, accidental restarts of the terminal.
  • Service comments on the graph screen.
  • Possibility of individual adjustment of input parameters.
  • Support for ECN and NDD accounts.

Table of recommended lots

 Deposit  dollar
 $100 (¢10000)  0.01  one
 $500 (¢50000)  0.05  5
 $1000 (¢100000)  0.1  10
 $5000 (¢500000)  0.5  50