S/R Zones Trendlines





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S/R Zones Trendlines

S/R Zones is a highly advanced indicator that draws automatically the support/resistance (S/R) zones and trend lines. A really classic and essential tool. It works with a completely unique calculation method!


– Automatically draws support/resistance zones
– Automatically draws trend lines
– Displays the broken, but still actual trend lines (dotted lines)
– Adjustable intervals for S/R zones and trend lines (number of bars)


Calculates and displays the followings:
– The range of the support/resistance zones (in points)
– The ‘weight’ of the S/R zones (the higher value the more significant zone)
– The distance between two adjacent zones (in points)
– The length of the trend lines (number of bars)
– The number of touches of the trend lines (the higher value the more significant line)
– Indicates whether there is no more S/R zones in the given direction (with an arrow)



– Selectable sensitivity (2 grades)
– Adjustable trend line style
– Automatically calculates the colors of S/R zones from the chart’s background color (very convenient feature)
– Color settings for trend lines