Shuriken Gold EA





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Content: Experts: Shuriken Gold AUDUSD.ex4, Shuriken Gold EURUSD.ex4, Shuriken Gold GBPUSD.ex4, Shuriken Gold USDJPY.ex4 (Unlocked), Fonts: Shuriken.ttf, UserGuide: ShurikenGold_Manual.pdf.


Shuriken Gold EA

Shuriken Gold is a fully automated ‘hands free’ version of Shuriken EA, an advanced super-strategy
generator. It consists of four Expert Advisors trading different currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD,
AUDUSD and USDJPY (all Forex majors). Each EA trades 10 price-action strategies on different
timeframes for each currency pair. Extensive testing has revealed 40 of the most consistently
profitable trading strategies from 2008 till now, each one being carefully chosen to yield a high
profit factor, low drawdown and straight equity curve over the long term. The on-chart trade
performance monitor allows you to keep track of the strategies and gives full control over how
much risk is applied to each one individually and on the whole. Shuriken Gold requires no
optimization and is ready to go, yet the risk functionality is there if you need it.