SMB – The Winning Trader





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SMB – The Winning Trader

This elite training program will guide you step-by-step to discover 10 different professional trading strategies that can help you become a consistently profitable trader — and potentially earn a spot on our trading desk.

By the end of this program, you will have spent time learning 10 powerful strategies from professional traders that successfully earn a living using the same setups you will be taught.

Inside The Winning Trader

  • Learn 10 trading setups used by professional traders

  • Watch mentoring sessions to discuss these trades as they arise in the market

  • Train with a professional trading desk

  • Taught by author, co-founder Mike Bellafiore and co-founder Steve Spencer

  • Also special guest lectures from SMB traders who make their living by trading the very same setups you will be taught

  • Train online — parallel to our professional prop firm traders in New York City

  • We’ll teach you how to earn a funded trading account.

The process of learning all 10 trades will help you determine which of these setups fits your personality and trading niche. This is the opportunity for you to add highly effective trades to YOUR Play Book. This Play Book can potentially earn you a place on our desk as a professional, funded trader.