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Content: Expert: Tioga MT5 V7.1.ex5 (Unlocked)DLL: msimg32.dll, NO MANUAL.

MT5 Build 3110.

Tioga MT5 V7.1

TIOGA is a fully automated Night Scalper. It works good on all major currency pairs.

Main strategy is using mean reversion on end of US season. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits.

The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging or other dangerous strategies. It uses fixed stop loss for every position.


General Strategy Definition

Tioga enters trades only for 2 hours between 21:00 – 22:59 GMT. (London Time).  This system holds only one position at the same time on each pairs.

Its entering direction depends on mean reversion strategy. The EA is so easy to use product with few input parameters. I recommend to use it with default parameters on each pairs.

This trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It can work on VPS clearly.



  • Symbol: All major currency pairs. (My favorites are these 11 pairs: AUDUSD, CHFJPY, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, USDCHF)
  • TimeFrame: M5
  • OneChart Usage for all pairs : When it is true on input parameters, only one chart is enough for trading all selected pairs
  • Min Account Balance: 300 USD
  • Broker: ECN Brokers, low spread, low commision
  • Broker Permission: Please be sure that your broker supports Algo Trading with EAs. (Sometimes broker doesn’t let you open trade with Expert Advisor)
  • Leverage: All leverages are fine (Prefered: Greater than 100)

Please check if the London time you see in the chart is the same as the current London time. If it is different, please change Broker GMT input parameter when you attach the EA to chart.

Terminal time (Market Watch Time) is not important for the EA.


Input Parameters

  • Lot Calculation Type :  Fixed_Lot / Risk_Percentage
  • Fixed Lot : It is active when Fixed_Lot is selected for Lot Calculation Type
  • Risk Percentage (Between 1-100) (Per Pair):  It is active when Risk_Percentage is selected. It shows how many percentage of your equity is in risk per pair. This value must be between 1-100.
  • Maximum Lot for all Calculation Types: Maximum Lot can be this number for each pairs
  • OneChart Usage for all pairs : When it is true, only one chart is enough for trading all selected pairs
  • OneChart Pairs: Use comma as separator and write pairs’ names
  • Pairs Suffix: If the broker uses suffix (Suffix is a letter behind the pair, EURUSDm for example.), just write suffix to here. Examples are below.
    • EURUSDm   >>>  Suffix: m
    • EURUSD.m  >>>  Suffix: .m
  • Broker GMT in Winter : Please check London Time when you attached the EA to the chart.
  • Broker use Daylight Saving Time :  If London time is different, you may also change this input.
  • New Trades: If it is false, new order can’t be opened
  • New Trades – Weekly Market Open: If it is false, new order can’t be opened at Sunday 22:00 – 22:59 GMT
  • New Trades – Weekly Market Close: If it is false, new order can’t be opened at Friday 21:00 – 21:59 GMT
  • New Trades – Christmas and New Year: If it is false, new order can’t be opened between 23 December 00:00 GMT to 3 January 23:59 GMT
  • New Trades – Triple Swap Day: If it is false, new order can’t be opened at Triple Swap Day between 21:00 – 21:59 GMT
  • Spread Filter (0: not used): If spread is higher than (this number * price * 0.0001), then new order can’t be opened.
    • Example: Spread Filter = 2     Spread Filter in points = 2 * 1.12895 * 0.0001 = 0.00022        Spread is 43 points and spread filter is 22 points. So EA will not open new order.
  • TakeProfit: (Real TakeProfit in Pips = TakeProfit * 0.0001 * price)
  • StopLoss: (Real StopLoss in Pips = StopLoss * 0.0001 * price)
  • Max Holding Minutes (0: not used)
  • Order Magic Number : Magic number for this expert’s orders
  • Order Comment : You may add a comment to your trades
  • Show Info : Some informations are shown on left-upper of chart.


Note:  Products using the custom DLL “msimg32.dll”, most antivirus’s may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”  as it is a false alarm and its SAFE.  This false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL. and not verified to any publisher but needed to make this product unlocked.

If you already have above MT5 build 3110, you can downgrade and stop the auto update using the steps below in this download: Download and install MT5 Build 3110: MT5 Build 3110 Download