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Content: Expert: Tokyo_Mythology_USDJPY_M1_Trilogy_edition_fix.ex4 (Unlocked), NO MANUAL.



Product description: Trade on days when there is an advantage of mid-market trading, such as Goto days.
A buy logic that prepares a buy position at the lowest possible price in the middle of the night and closes at a high near the middle price.
A selling logic that prepares a sell position at a high price near the middle price and settles at the lowest possible price.
Two logics increase the number of transactions and level the performance to ensure the robustness of the logic.
Since it is a one-position type, it is easy to operate.

Parameter Description

Variable name Parameter description default
MagicNumber Magic number / unique recognition number. Please be careful not to conflict with other EAs running at the same time. 7777777
Lots Number of lots 0.4
StopLoss Stop Loss 200
TakeProfit Profit taking 250
MaxSpread Allowable spreads 15
Closed_Market Please set it to true when the Tokyo market is closed the next day. false
MaximumRisk It is a compound interest setting. MaximRisk value × free margin÷ 1,000,000 0.0
Account_Balance If you set it to true in the compound interest setting, the “surplus margin amount” in the calculation formula will be “balance”. true
MaxLot Please enter the maximum order quantity. 100.0
MinLot Please enter the minimum order quantity. 0.01
NoEntryStart1 End time of entry suspension 00:00
NoEntryStop1 Entry stop start time 00:00
NoEntryStart2 End time of entry suspension 00:00
NoEntryStop2 Entry stop start time 00:00
NoEntryStart3 End time of entry suspension 00:00
NoEntryStop3 Entry stop start time 00:00