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Tradesoft Pro Protector is EA forex by using a 3 pairs full hedge correlation system with reference to the signals from the TPC indicator and the market strength of the three pairs to determine open positions. This EA has been tested in all types of markets both when trending and sideways, so it is suitable for long-term investment. Unlike the previous version, the Pro version uses full hedge triangular correlation by using ratio lots to make a more perfect comparison.

Why do you need to use the Lots ratio?
if we explore more deeply about forex pairs especially for triangular correlation pairs, then we will find differences in the value per pips of each of these pairs. We can check it with the forex calculator

Pips Value for each eurusd, eurgbp and gbpusd pairs

So to do a triangular full hedge correlation we can use a 1: 1.3: 1 lots ratio like the
value above the Signal Trigger Entry Point

  1. The TPC indicator determines the trigger signal for open BSS or SBB.
  2. Average Strength of 3 pairs if it exceeds 100% then EA will open a position.
  3. Both signals must be fulfilled in order for the EA to open a position.

Confirmed BSS and SBB signals on the TPC indicator are marked when the AVG value of the TPC indicator Avg> 40.0 and Avg <60.0

Exit Point

  1. Target Profit Achieved
  2. Strength less than 90%.
  3. The two exit point requirements must be met for the EA to close its trading position.
    So if even if the profit target is reached but the signal strenth is still above 100% then the EA will still hold the position and wait until the signal strength value is less than 90%. This aims to avoid failed close positions due to slippage and also to avoid no requotes prices when the market is high volatility.

Tradesoft Pro Protector Settings:


Attach EA only for one pair, PairsA.
Attach EA to All Timeframe is the same, because TF signal has been set on EA.
Candlestick filter is a value to determine whether the desired market volatility strength, the greater the candlestick filter value, the less open and vice versa.
copy paste the TPC indicator into the mt4 indicator folder (optional).
Can be used at all brokers.
Use a balance of at least 1000 $ or 10000 $ (can use a cent account) so that the DD is low.