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Content: Complete Bootcamp 2.0 (LATEST!!!) & Blueprint (including videos, pdfs, chartbook).




Tradingriot Bootcamp is a comprehensive guide into how markets work, price action, orderflow, auction market theory and strategy building. Bootcamp covers all the concepts in detail and shows how you can use them in actual trading. Compared to Blueprint, which is a simplified rundown of tools used for intraday trading, Bootcamp covers everything in greater detail and presents ways to use orderflow and auction market theory tools not only in day trading, but also swing trading. Besides that, there are also sections about risk management, journaling and daily preparation. Tradingriot Blueprint covers my day-trading strategy. My expanded trading strategy guide contains my intraday strategy for day trading currencies, indices, bonds, and crypto, covering different price action and orderflow patterns. At the end of the Blueprint, you will be able to find a 1HR long video covering what I look at and how I enter trades on day-to-day basics.

Here are all the videos you will find inside the Tradingriot Bootcamp:

Chapter 1 – Markets

  1. Market Microstructure
  2. Liquidity & Volume
  3. Understanding futures and choosing the right market
  4. Setting up trading platforms

Chapter 2 – Price Action

  1. Price action principles
  2. Key price structures
  3. Execution patterns
  4. Bias determining candlestick patterns
  5. Navigating timeframes and utilizing non-time-based charts
  6. Price action conclusion

Chapter 3 – Orderflow

  1. Understanding orderflow
  2. Delta and its indicators
  3. Footprint charts
  4. Connecting orderflow to price action 
  5. Cryptocurrency Specific Orderflow (3-part video series)

Chapter 4 – Auction Market Theory

  1. Auction market theory
  2. Market Profile
  3. Volume Profile
  4. Volume indicators
  5. Connecting AMT with orderflow and price action

Chapter 5 – Strategy

  1. Failed Swing 
  2. Cluster 
  3. Quasimodo 
  4. Risk Management 
  5. Intraday strategy 
  6. Medium-term swing strategy 
  7. Long-term swing strategy
  8. Trading Plan
  9. Daily preparation 
  10. Journaling