Ebooks – 5 volume (pdf-s)

The Best Of Trend Dynamics – Introduction to Trend Dynamics Languages – Edited By Jesse Thompson

Volume One How Markets are Structured

Market structure 101 Introduction to to the Trend Dynamics Market Language
Market Structure 201 How Major Trend Changes Develop
Market Structure 202 How Trading Range Terminate

Volume Two Trading Strategies That Works

Trading Strategies 101A Trading Complex Counter-trend Reactions
Trading Strategies 101B Using Market Structure to Formulate profit Objectives
Trading Strategies 102 Trading Simple Counter trend Reactions
Trading Strategies 201 Using Mean Reversion as Market Context.
Trading Strategies 202 Using Momentum as Market Context.

Volume Three Tactical Entries That Minimize Risk

Tactical Entries 201 Using Pattern Recognition to reduce Risk
Tactical Entries 202 Using Buy/Sell Pressure to reduce Risk
Tactical Entries 301 Using Range Breakout Models To reduce Risk.

Volume Four Developing Mindset of a professional Trader

Trading Psychology 301 How Professional Trader See the World
Trading Style 402 Daily Routine of Four Professional Traders
Trading Plans 301 How To Build Robust Trading Plans

Volume Five Executing Advanced Trading Tactics

Unorthodox Trading Tactics 301 Trading What is not happening I
Unorthodox Trading Tactics 302 Trading What is not happening II
Trading in the zone 405 Leveraging Intraday Entries into Higher Time-frames
Formless Trading 505 Market Principle -Based Execution Strategies