Understanding The Daily Treasury Statement

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What is the Daily Treasury Statement?
Everyone is familiar with their own checkbook, right? Deposits, withdrawals. How much did you spend today, this month or, for the entire year? How much did you take in, in deposits?

Well did you know that the Federal Government of the United States makes its checkbook available each and every day, online, for free for everyone to see?

That’s right, every single deposit and every single withdrawal…shown every single day.

You can literally see the billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions and even tens of trillions flowing into and out of the economy every single day, month and year!

Think about it…we get important economic reports every month, sometimes only every quarter (like GDP) and we’re supposed to make investment decisions or forecasts based on that? That’s like driving your car by looking in the rear-view mirror.

Yet that’s what people do.

In contrast there is a resource that practically nobody knows about that shows you exactly how much (in billions and even hundreds of billions, trillions even!) the government is pumping into and out of the economy EVERY SINGLE DAY! And did I mention…that PRACTICALLY NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS?

This is by far the most powerful, potent, concise, real-time piece of economic data you are going to find anywhere because it is these financial flows between the U.S. Treasury and the economy that drive EVERYTHING! And it is there for anyone who wishes to access it.

When you delve into the Daily Treasury Statement here are a few things you will learn:

  • Did you know that the U.S. government “paid back” $99 TRILLION to investors LAST YEAR? And our leaders are talking about cutting Social Security to seniors because 40 years from now the SS trust fund will supposedly have a shortfall of $4 trillion? This is in the Daily Treasury Statement. It’s from the Treasury’s own records.
  • Did you know that leading flows (spending) to the economy have been very strong, yet government spending as reported in the officially released GDP report shows it as being down? This is in the Daily Treasury Statement.
  • Did you know that we spend 50 times more on interest on public debt than on food stamps? This is in the Daily Treasury Statement.
  • Did you know that last February, the Federal Gov’t sent out $120 billion in tax refunds? And it will do it again this February. And it happens every year? You’ll learn this from the Daily Treasury Statement.
  • Do you know why there is an expression, “Sell in May and walk away?” when it comes to the stock market? The Daily Treasury Statement will explain this seasonal effect and why it is so predictable. (And by the way, stock market investors and analysts don’t know the real reason why.)

And there is so much more.

I have spent YEARS analyzing and examining and working with this information. I have built a database and spreadsheets that look at day to day, month to month and year to year patterns. I have used these numbers to create really accurate economic forecasts and better yet…models of market behavior for stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds…you name it.

If you are an investor, trader, economist, student or just someone interested in getting some real knowledge and insight into the massive finances of our Federal Government and how it affects everything from incomes to investment to savings to the economy then this course is for you.

If you want to be able to make better economic forecasts—for your business, for yourself, for your job, for any reason—better than any computer model, PhD economist or Wall Street analyst with just a few minutes of time per day then this course is for you.

If you want to shock and astound your friends and co-workers, win arguments and debates with facts and not conjecture, expose people to the truth with facts that they have never seen or heard before making you look like someone with a secret connection deep inside the government, then this course is for you.

If you want to see how our politicians and academics and pundits lie to us or, deceive us or, show how little they really know, this course is for you.

Over the past several years I have given this course online, live, on Saturdays every other month. However, because of work or family commitments or other time constraints, many people weren’t able to take the course. So, I decided to record it and offer it as a video. This is the exact course that I taught, live, but now it’s on video for you to watch at your own leisure.

Believe me, this course will open your eyes. It might even make you mad. It surely will make you a better investor or forecaster of the economy and that means, it will make you money.

Get my Daily Treasury Course on Video now. Six hours of immensely fascinating and eye-opening instruction for the giveaway price of only $99. Believe me, it’s well worth it. Information like this will pay for itself many times over in short order.