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US Odyssey US30 EA FTMO
US Odyssey US30 EA FTMO – This EA is designed for US30 and to help you succeed in the FTMO challenge,free your mind and surrender to the magic of FX

This EA is designed for US30 and to help you succeed in the FTMO challenge
Do you currently live on trading and do you really feel free? If not, there’s probably a problem still holding you back, and I’m not talking about your skills.

I’m just talking about capital.

The fundamental problem that grips almost all traders, or those who want to start, is that you don’t have enough capital to invest to start trading, or you don’t want to risk your own funds. And if instead you had a real account of 100,000 euros, how would you feel?

Ok but how do you get them?

Not everyone knows that there are companies, called Prop Firms or Prop Houses, whose job is to allocate their capital to allow traders to operate on important accounts, with the simple agreement of retaining a small part of the profits generated, and leaving any losses borne by the company.

The bad news is that to access these accounts you have to pass a challenge, a test to demonstrate that you can manage the accounts effectively.

We will analyze in detail the world of Prop Houses, the parameters and strategies to overcome the challenges, and the pitfalls to avoid.