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The ATS VX9 Trading System for Ninjatrader – High Performance Fully Automated Night and Day Trading NQ and MNQ

The VX9 wakes up before sunrise and finds the best trading opportunities in the morning twilight. Built from scratch to be a true day trading system, the VX9 offers simplicity and performance.

Unique characteristics of the VX9 Trading System

  • Specializes in night and day trading the NQ and MNQ stock index futures contracts
  • Gets positioned early, well before the cash market
  • Utilizes price action trend multiple ways depending on market conditions
  • Executes small and medium sized trades as well as capturing the big move of the day
  • Avoids trading during dangerous time spans that occur daily and weekly

Features of the VX9 Trading System

  • Fully Automated trading using the provided NinjaTrader VX9 NinjaScript strategy
  • Easy to use: place the VX9 strategy on a one minute chart and enable on your account
  • VX9 indicator can be used in real time to let you know if a possible trade is coming up
  • Back testable in NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer and Market Replay

How it Trades

The VX9 looks for strong trend conditions to develop and will either take a position in the direction of the trend or will take a position against the trend if price has moved overly sharply in the trend direction.

A short counter trend trade example:


Monthly Returns. See caption below each exhibit.

Pictured Above: Live NQ trading results from September 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022. Average monthly profit $9,927 using one, sometimes two NQ contracts per trade.

Pictured Above: Live MNQ Trading Performance from September 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022. Average monthly profit of $1,013 using one, sometimes two MNQ contracts per trade.


No tricks – Performance metrics include commissions and slippage. Trades frequently. In a 7 year historical analysis the system generated over 4,000 trades for an average of 3 trades per trading day.

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  • Please copy Atx cleaned in My document / ninja trader 8 / bin / custom and the other 2 .xlm in My document / ninja trader / template.