Zen Trading System





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Content: Indicators: zensystem1.ex4, zensystem2.ex4, zensystem3.ex4 (Unlocked), UserGuide: How install your custom indicators into MT4.pdf, MANUAL.txt, Video: ZenTradingsystem2016.mp4.


Zen Trading System

*************************ZEN SYSTEM MANUAL OF USE******************************
This system is very easy to use
1. Buy when you get UP Arrow and zensystem1 indicator displays “Green dots
2. Sell when you get Down Arrow and zensystem1 indicator displays “Red dots
Note that zensystem1 detects trend with 91% accuracy and every trade must follow trend
The trend is your friend!
3. You can take profit or put a trail stop once you get a down arrow in a BUY trade or once
you get an up arrow in a SELL trade.